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By Richard Trionfo on 2014-04-15 22:47:27
Warrior says that it is time to push play on the collection of the Ultimate Warrior’s Greatest Matches. He says that these moments are as much the fans as his. He says the fan’s loyalty has created this legend. For two decades they tried to rewrite history and remove Warrior from history. They said there were no great matches, but recent access to the WWE library means that it is time to tell the story, the real story of the Ultimate Warrior’s great moments in his career.

He tells you to sit back and try to relax when you watch the Ultimate Warrior. He says to let the Ultimate Warrior do what he does best and that is slay the naysayers.

Shawn Michaels says that he remembers the Ultimate Warrior help to fill the arenas for the Rockers. Then to see him go into the Hall of Fame two decades later. He was happy that he got to see Warrior with his children. They talked about their families and then he saw Warrior join the Hall of Fame in 2014. Ultimate Warrior will be missed, but never forgotten.

We see the Ultimate Warrior versus Barry Horowitz from the November 7, 1987 episode of Wrestling Challenge that saw Ultimate Warrior get the victory. During the match, they show comments from the Ultimate Warrior.

Ricky Steamboat says when the Ultimate Warrior came to the WWE, he was bigger than life. He was ripped and cut. He had the teased hair and the 80s look. What separated him from the others was his energy going to the ring and coming back. He had more energy than anyone combined. He says Ultimate Warrior had the energy when he gave his Hall of Fame speech, but he won him over with his heart. Ricky says that he wishes he could have worked together with the Ultimate Warrior.

Sting says that the Ultimate Warrior used to take tuna and orange juice, put it in a blender and guzzle it down. He would say that he got his vitamin C and protein in one shot.

We see Ultimate Warrior against the Honky Tonk Man from SummerSlam in 1988 when Ultimate Warrior won the Intercontinental Title.

Batista says that he remembers a lot about the Ultimate Warrior. He had those promos where he was so pumped. He remembers Ultimate Warrior’s entrance with the running and all of the intensity and the shaking of the ropes. That is what he remembers most.

Chris Jericho says that when the Ultimate Warrior first came out in the 1980s and Warrior was so much different than everybody else because of his intensity, attitude, and look. He had the long hair, but it wasn’t like everyone who had a mullet. His music was super intense. It was heavy, like Metallica. Then he would run to the ring as fast as he could and then he would run the ropes and he would be all blown up as if his match was already over. Then he would beat Andre the Giant in 30 seconds.

We go to footage from the November 25, 1989 episode of Saturday Night’s Main Event when Ultimate Warrior defended his Intercontinental Title against Andre the Giant. Warrior denies that he fears Andre the Giant in a pre match interview with Mean Gene Okerlund. Ultimate Warrior wins the match by disqualification when Bobby Heenan interfered in the match.

Scott Hall says that he was a fan of the Ultimate Warrior. He raised the pay scale and set box office records. He was known for his intensity in everything he did. The guy he met backstage at the Hall of Fame was at peace with life. He felt welcomed back to the WWE. He was where he wanted to be with his career and family. He talked about his wife and children and he had a feeling of contentment.

Robert Flores of ESPN mentions Ultimate Warrior’s match against Ted DiBiase at the Tokyo Dome in 1990. Robert mentions their careers in the UWF and Mid South territories.

We see footage from the match on April 13, 1990 when Ultimate Warrior faced Ted DiBiase in a WWF Title Match that Warrior won with a splash to the back.

CJ Parker says that he would dress up like the Ultimate Warrior at homecoming. He would wear the tassels and face paint. Ultimate Warrior definitely affected his childhood. He will be missed.

Sami Zayn says that when he was young Hulk Hogan was his favorite, but there was a time when Hogan stepped down a little and the Ultimate Warrior became his favorite. It was the Ultimate Warrior’s aura and it was what was right about wrestling. One of his earliest memories was going to the public pool when he was six years old and they were doing face painting and he had his face painted like the Ultimate Warrior.

The next match is from Saturday Night’s Main Event on July 28, 1990 when he defended the WWF World Title against Rick Rude. Before the match we see a promo from the Ultimate Warrior.

John Cena says his favorite thing about the Ultimate Warrior was his way to motivate. He brought the most out of people and the most out of himself. He did it with 100% intensity. He led by example and did the work to make himself a better person.

Hulk Hogan says the Ultimate Warrior made a huge impact on this business. He was everything this industry should be. He was the ultimate sport entertainer. He will be missed and loved. He was a great man.

Ultimate Warrior says that this collection of moments should be enough to satisfy you for now. This is but a start.

He mentions that he has been invited to join the Hall of Fame and he accepted it. He says that in order to be inducted, they had to tell the right story. The right story is the full story and that is yet to come. If you thought Ultimate Warrior’s actions in the ring were intense, you will love the stories about how he applied intensity to his life outside the ring and became the man named Warrior. He tells you to always believe.

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