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By Mike Johnson on 2014-04-13 10:25:34
TNA taped their Xtravaganza PPV yesterday in Orlando, FL. The PPV was themed as a tournament with current TNA stars facing returning/new talents. The winners moved on to an Ultimate X match to earn a future X-Division title shot:

*The returning Low Ki defeated Chris Sabin

*Rashad Cameron defeated Zema Ion.

*Kenny King defeated Rubix (aka Jigsaw).

*Vedder (Trent Baretta) defeated Manik.

*Sonjay Dutt defeated Rockstar Spud.

*Tigre Uno defeated Petey Williams.

*EC3 announced he was holding the first annual EC3 Invitational Ladder Match for $25,000.

*The Wolves defeated Bad Influence in a Ladder Match. EC3 tried to leave with the check but they laid him out.

*X-Division champion Sanada defeated Austin Aries in two straight falls.

*Low Ki won the Ultimate X, defeated Rashad Cameron, Vedder, and Sonjay Dutt for a future X-Division championship match.

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