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By Stuart Carapola on 2014-04-10 22:55:27
Welcome to the Impact Wrestling Report here on!

We start the show with Dixie Carter getting out of a limo and saying that she has a lot to say tonight, but not right now. After a video package hyping tonight's Gauntlet match, MVP says that Magnus successfully defended his title last week against three men, but now ten men will compete for the right to challenge him at the Sacrifice PPV. Samoa Joe informed the TNA office that he would not be available, but after tonight, we will have a new #1 contender.

Gauntlet For TNA World Title Shot

James Storm and Gunner just happen to start us off, and they go AT IT, brawling before the bell, to the floor, and back into the ring. Storm drills Gunner with a leaping enzigiuri, but Gunner catches Storm on a crossbody attempt and hits a fallaway slam. Gunner tries to toss Storm, but Storm goes to the eyes to save himself. They keep going at is as the clock counts down to Bobby Roode entering at #3. Roode goes after Gunner as Storm is down in the corner, and he rolls right over Gunner with a clothesline before going face to face with Storm. The former partners stare each other down for a brief moment before going after Gunner together. They double team him prett effectively and dump him to the apron when we count down to Bully Ray coming in at #4 and tearing into both Storm and Roode. They double suplex Bubba, but he pops right up and takes them both out with a double clothesline. Gunner and Bubba hit WHAZZUP on Roode as Ethan Carter III enters at #5, staring over his shoulder the whole way down since Kurt Angle told him he was coming back on Twitter this week, which nobody probably even knew. Bubba lays in chop after chop on EC3 as Storm and Roode continue to beat up Gunner, then Bubba dishes out chops to Storm and Roode as well. The clock counts down again, and Bobby Lashley is in at #6. Lashley goes after all the heels, steamrolling over them with pure power and popping Roode over with a release overhead belly to belly suplex. Bubba nearly has Storm out as the clock counts down again, and Abyss comes in at #7! Well, this could get interesting. Abyss lays everyone out, face and heel, but Bubba and Lashley go after Abyss and try to dump him when Magnus' music hits and he comes out to join the announce team. We'll find out what's up with that when we get back from this commercial.

We're back, Sanada came in during the break at #8 and Eric Young comes in at #9 as we come back from commercial. Predictably, Young goes right after Abyss and tries to eliminate him. Magnus talks about how the fix is in and Abyss is supposed to win so he won't have to defend the title at Sacrifice. Willow is in at #10 and he goes at it with EC3. Spud comes down to ringsode in a wheelchair and tries to distract Willow as he tries to suplex EC3 out of the ring, but Spud suddenly pops out of the wheelchair and yanks Willow down to the floor to eliminate him. Willow chases Spud back up the ramp as Sanada tries to take a run at Abyss and gets chokeslammed and eliminated. Lashley spears Abyss into next week, but Roode sneaks up from behind and eliminates him, and then Bully Ray tosses Roode. Roode grabs Bubba from the floor and pulls him out as EC3 comes in from behind and dumps Bubba. We're halfway through the roster in this match as Gunner no-sells EC3's shots and high knees him into next week. Gunner goes for the Gun Rack, but Storm drills Gunner with the Last Call and LAUNCHES him over the top rope. We're down to four men, as Eric Young is all by his lonesome against EC3, Abyss, and James Storm. EC3 tosses Young over the top, but Young skins the cat back in, headscissors EC3 to the floor to eliminate him, and comes the rest of the way back in. Young is still in deep trouble, taking a big splash from Abyss, but manages to take Abyss down and hit him with the top rope elbowdrop. Storm quickly comes in and hits Closing Time, but Young evades the Last Call, dumps Storm over the top rope, and dropkicks him to the floor when he tries to skin the cat back in. We're down to Young and Abyss, who quickly flattens Young with Shock Treatment. He clotheslines Young to the apron, and repeatedly tries to knock Young off the apron, but Young holds on and slides back inside to go back after Abyss. Young hits a missile dropkick and then gets a Cactus clothesline, both men go over and Young very nearly hits, but he manages to hold on as Abyss hits the floor.

Winner: Eric Young

Eric Young is now the #1 contender to Magnus at the Sacrifice PPV, and Christy Hemme comes into the ring to ask EY for comments. Young says MVP's #1 contender has a request, and asks him to come out to the ring. We'll find out what's on Young's mind when we come back from this commercial break!

MVP finally makes it out to the ring after taking the requisite commercial break to find the curtain, and Eric Young says that MVP is doing a hell of a job, but he just watched Eric Young become the #1 contender for the title at Sacrifice. Young says he's feeling crazy tonight, and since he's won once and everything's been going his way, he wants his shot at the TNA World Title tonight. Magnus is still at the broadcast booth and laughs Young off, and MVP confirms that Young really wants to face Magnus tonight even after going through the Gauntlet match. Young holds up the microphone so the crowd can say yes for him, so MVP tells Magnus that he's getting paid to be a wrestler, not an announcer, so he suggests that Magnus go to his private locker room to get ready for his title defense tonight. Magnus says that's fine because we all know it's Magnus Rules, and Magnus Rules always win out in the end. MVP says that on that subject, there will be no Magnus Rules in effect tonight, and he will lose the title if he gets disqualified or counted out. Magnus starts to protest, but MVP says he's not done and, since he knows Abyss is listening somewhere, Abyss is banned from ringside, and if anyone else comes out to try and interfere tonight, they will be fired on the spot. Magnus tells MVP that he can't do that, and MVP says he just did.

Spud is backstage in a room with balloons and streamers awaiting Dixie Carter's arrival, and he makes her jump out of her skin by jumping out to surprise her. Dixie isn't happy to see him, and she saw him try and sell her down the river as soon as he thought he was working for MVP, and she leaves because she has to find him. She slams the door shut and Spud tries to go after her, but he opens the door to discover Willow on the other side, and he comes in tears the place up and knocks over the cameraman whom Dixie and Spud didn't see.

#1 Contender Match: Angelina Love vs Gail Kim vs Brittany vs ODB

Poor Velvet, completely regressed to Angelina's sidekick. ODB and Angelina go at it while Brittany works Gail over in the corner, then ODB tosses Angelina out of the ring and challenges Brittany to a slugfest. She wins that, but Angelina comes back in and now dumps ODB to the floor before getting into a shoving match with Gail. They then stop each other from pinning Brittany, but Brittany pops up and goes after both girls before getting caught and side suplexed by Angelina for 2. ODB is in and hits a fallaway slam on Gail, and a bronco buster on Angelina. Brittany nails ODB with a springboard moonsault, Angelina takes Brittany out, Gail catches Angelina with a side backbreaker, but Velvet sprays Gail in the eyes with an aerosol. Angelina drills a blinded Gail with the big boot and covers for 3.

Winner: Angelina Love

Angelina holds up six fingers to warn Madison Rayne that she's coming for her sixth Knockouts Title.

Dixie Carter comes into MVP's office and he asks what she's doing here, and Dixie says she's still the President of this company and he'll be out of here as soon as she clears things up with the board. MVP asks what she's doing here, and she says she's going to chew up and spit out the disgruntled employee who cost her Lethal Lockdown. She wants him to sit front row to see what will happen to him, but MVP doesn't seem rattled.

The Wolves walk into MVP's office and are perturbed to discover that the Bromans will again be unable to defend the title tonight since Robbie E's flight got canceled. MVP says he's tired of this and has a solution: if Robbie isn't here by bell time, DJ Zema gets to be Jessie's partner because there will be a title match tonight.

Magnus is in his locker room and says that Eric Young has had a run of good luck lately and decided to challenge him tonight, and that's good for Eric, but he's going to end that streak of luck tonight.

Dixie Carter comes out to the ring and calls Bully Ray out to the ring, and he comes out to chants of "Put her through a table!" Bubba says he's shocked that she wants to talk to him face to face since she didn't show up last time they had a meeting scheduled, but he gives her credit for showing up. Dixie says he's pretty dumb for a smart New Yorker because he got set up when he came to Nashville, then Bobby Roode put Bubba, the master of the tables, through three tables. Bubba has bad news for Dixie: Roode didn't get the job done and neither did she. Dixie wants to know why he doublecrossed her at Lockdown and cost her control of wrestling operations in her own company, but Bubba says this has never been her company, the company belongs to the fans around the world. The crowd does a TNA chant as Bubba says this company also belongs to the wrestlers in the back, and Dixie asks if he's the new spokesman for everybody, and says she wants her money back. Bubba admits he spent most of it at Rick's Cabaret in New York City and bought a new car, but he says he's sick of her games, and he starts to ask if she knows who he is, but Dixie slaps him in the face and asks if he knows who she is. She says she's Dixie Carter, she's from Dallas, Texas, and she is still his boss. She slaps him again, and Bubba gives her the death stare as Bobby Roode runs in, attacks Bubba from behind, and puts the boots to him. Roode gets a table from under the ring and sets it up in the corner, but Bubba fires back on him. Bubba goes to powerbomb Roode through the table, but Roode slips out of his grasp and runs. He turns his attention to Dixie and backs her into the corner as the fans again chant "Put her through a table!" We'll find out what happens after this commercial!

Dixie is backstage when we come back from commercial, so I guess she got away from Bubba in one piece. Magnus finds her and asks why she blew right past his dressing room without even saying hello, and she says he doesn't need her because he has a plan. She then says her plan is to get on a plane, go home, take a shower, and go to sleep. Magnus says she is such a typical woman, and Dixie says she heard him say he doesn't need her anymore because he has an insurance plan. Dixie says "Good luck tonight, CHAMP." and storms off as Magnus goes "Wrath of Dixie my ass."

TNA World Tag Team Title Match: Jessie Godderz & DJ Zema vs The Wolves

Jessie starts us off as Robbie was apparently unable to make it. The Wolves quickly knock Jessie into next week with a series of double teams, then dump him to the floor and take Jessie and Zema out with stereo dives. Eddie briefly gets caught in the Bromans' corner, but he catches them both with a double Frankensteiner and then tags Davey in to cut a swath of bloody fury through both men. The Wolves hit Jessie with the Alarm Clock and make a cover, but Robbie E runs out and pulls the referee out of the ring before he can count 3. That's enough for a DQ!

Winners: The Wolves by DQ

So the Wolves win the match, but the Bromans keep the title.

Christy Hemme is backstage and she says she wants to see Samuel Shaw in the ring tonight. She's thought a lot about him and this might shock some people, but she wants to talk to him about commitment. She flashes her seductive smile and walks off as we go to commercial.

Christy is in the ring and asks Samuel Shaw to come out and talk to her. The crowd chants that he's a creepy bastard, but she says he's not, he's just misunderstood. Shaw says he's glad she finally saw the light and he's glad that she finally saw the light. Christy asks Shaw if he trusts her, and if he would do anything she asked him, and go anywhere she asked him to go. Christy pulls his glove off with her teeth, then tells him to close his eyes and feel her. She walks around behind him and tells the fans to stay with her because she's going to take him exactly where he deserves. A truck that says PSYCHIATRIC SERVICES pulls up in the garage and Ken Anderson pops out and makes his way to the ring as she butters him up. Christy finally tells Shaw to open his eyes, and he does so just in time to see Anderson hit him with the Mic Check. He grabs Anderson and says that the commitment she was talking about was his the funny farm. He stands Shaw's unconscous form up, makes him wave goodbye to the crowd, and he tosses him over the top rope. Shaw looks up at Christy as he crawls past on his way to the back, but Anderson grabs him again, skee balls him into the back, and tries to lock the doorl but Shaw knocks the door open into his face and runs off.

Eric Young is backstage, and he's...WALKING! He's going to cash in his title shot next!

Magnus is also backstage, and he's...ALSO WALKING!

Willow does a promo backstage and, in his own unique way, says he's not that concerned about losing earlier tonight because Willow doesn't care about winning, and only wants Ethan Carter III and Spud in a handicap match next week.


TNA World Title Match: Brutus Magnus vs Eric Young

They go face to face and Magnus quickly takes the advantage, overwhelming Young with a striking offense, but Young uses his speed to get around Magnus, take him down, and go for a moonsault. Magnus rolls out of the way and sends Young careening to the floor with a high knee. Young gets in and ducks down to dodge a charge from Magnus, pulling down the top rope to send the champ careening out to the floor. Young tries a dive, but Magnus connects with a European uppercut in the way out, then rams Young into the ring steps. Magnus puts the boots to Young on the floor as we go to commercial.

We're back and Eric Young is still in trouble, getting worked over and locked in a sleeper by the champ. Young finally picks Magnus up while in a rear chilock and drops him backward in an electric chair, then starts rallying with one shot after another on Magnus before hitting a wheelbarrow into a neckbreaker. Young comes off the top rope with the elbowdrop and makes a cover, but Magnus is out at 2. Magnus quickly turns it around with a quick shot and then brings the belt into the ring, the referee takes it away from him, but Magnus low blows Young while the ref's back is turned and makes a cover. Young kicks out at 2, and Magnus goes for a hard clothesline, but Young gets a crucifix for 2 and then piledrives Magnus and covers him to...wait, what?

Winner and New TNA World Champion: Eric Young

Wow, what a shocker! Even Young seems to be having trouble absorbing it and appears overcome with emotion as we call it a night.

Thanks for reading the Impact Wrestling Report here on! I'll be back tomorrow to discuss Impact and more with Dave Scherer on the Stu & Pid Show!

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