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By Jose Perez on 2014-04-08 08:53:15

World Wrestling Council (WWC)

On Sunday March 30th, in front of a good crowd of over 1,500, WWC presented their event ‘La Hora de la Verdad’ (Moment of Truth) at the Ruben Rodriguez Coliseum in Bayamon, PR. The following are the results from the show:

- J.C. Navarro & O.T. Fernandez defeated ‘Double Image’.

- ‘Mr. San Juan’ Tommy Diablo retained the WWC Jr Heavyweight title after defeating ‘El Principe’.

- In a grudge match, referee Angel ‘Fashion’ Perez defeated Rikochet.

- Next, there was a tribute to new WWE Hall of Famer Carlos Colon. Out came play by play announcer Willie Urbina to introduce Colon to the crowd. Colon came out to the tune of some live music. He thanked the fans once again for their support for the last 40 plus years. Carlito came out and told him how proud he is of him. He also stated that he had been long overdue for this honor because Carlos Colon is a true legend. Right on cue, Chicky Starr’s music played and the crowd popped. Starr grabs the mic and states that Colon is a legend indeed, but that he was being inducted into the Hall of Fame because of Starr. If it had not been for someone as him, he would not be the legend that he is. Starr continued by saying that he brought in some of the biggest names into the island to fight Colon; people like Ox Baker, ‘Sadistic’ Steve Strong, Stan Hansen, Bruiser Brody, Leo Burke and many others. He then steps in front of Colon and tells him that he finally is going to do something that he has wanted to do. He reaches out and extends his hand and shakes hands with Colon. He congratulates him on being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. He then turns to Carlito and tells him that he has very big shoes to fill, that it will not be easy but if anyone has the talent to do it is him. He tells him that he can count on him if he ever needs anything, even tonight when he faces Invader. Really cool moment for those present in the crowd. There were also a couple other recognitions made for Colon by representatives from government.

- Chicano & Xix Xavant retained the WWC Tag Team titles when they defeated ‘Los Templarios’ – William de la Vega & ‘Superstar’ ASH w/ manager Juan Manuel Ortega. During the match Chicano suffered a groin injury and after the match he was taken back to the locker room on a stretcher. He definitely was in pain and could hardly walk.

- Carlito was able to save his hair once again by defeating Invader #1. In the final moments of the match there was a referee bump, Carlito was trying to cover Invader but out came ref Angel ‘Fashion’ Perez, who proceeded to get Carlito off from Invader, only to receive a kick from Carlito which sent him to the floor out of the ring. Carlito then turns and receives Invader’s heart punch. He goes down and Invader goes to cover, but there is no referee available. All of the sudden ‘Fashion’ steps back in the ring to make the count, only for the original referee of the match to grab him by the hair, they then brawled for a bit until the ‘legal’ referee sends ‘Fashion’ over the top rope to the ground. Carlito sees Invader was setting up for another heart punch, moves and gets him with a ‘back-stabber’ for the win.

- We have a new WWC Puerto Rico Heavyweight champion in the person of T.N.T., who defeated ‘El Leon’ Apolo. During the match, T.N.T. used different tactics to work on Apolo. He even channeled his inner ‘Abdullah The Butcher’ by bringing a fork and using it to inflict pain on Apolo, making him bleed profusely throughout the match. The finish came with Apolo going to the locker room to look for a new referee as the original one was KO’d. He comes out with the new ref, only to be received by T.N.T.’s pain-killer sidekick for the pin.

- Miguel Perez defeated Slash Venom in a Hardcore Match

- Ray Gonzalez retained his WWC Universal Heavyweight title after defeating Mighty Ursus w/ Jose Chaparro. After the match, while Gonzalez was celebrating his victory, Mighty Ursus and Chaparro attacked him. Ursus and Chaparro brought him over to the corner and nailed a couple of ‘senton splashes’ on Gonzalez. Carlito and Xix Xavant came out for the save, making Chaparro and Ursus retreat to the locker rooms to end the show.

WWC is moving quickly to their next event “Camino a la Gloria” (Path to Glory), which is currently scheduled to take place on Saturday April 19th at the ‘Pepin Cestero Arena’ in Bayamon, PR. Bell time set for 8:35PM. Three matches have been announced for this show:

WWC Universal Heavyweight Title – Rematch
“Mr. Ray-tings” Ray Gonzalez (c) vs Mighty Ursus w/ Jose Chaparro

WWC Puerto Rico Heavyweight Title Rematch
“El Leon” Apolo vs “El Karateca Ninja” T.N.T. (c)

WWC World Tag Team Title Rematch
“El Chico Ilegal” Chicano & Xix Xavant (c) vs “Los Templarios” – William de la Vega & “Superstar” ASH

The topic of discussion for the last few weeks in the island has been the Carlos Colon’s induction into the WWE Hall of Fame. All three major newspapers have interviewed him. His legacy has been talked about in local wrestling sites, radio and TV shows, with every fan in the island being able to re-live all his career accomplishments. One of the major TV newscasts, WAPA’s ‘Noticentro’ sent a reporter and a camera crew to New Orleans to document last week’s events, following him all over the place, all the way up to the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony. We should be seeing the footage during this week in the different editions of their newscast.

On another note, Carlos Colon announced during an interview last week that he will be having ‘one last farewell tour’ the weekend of May 30th to June 1st. It was also stated that the Saturday May 31st show will take place at brand new Multi-use Coliseum located in Humacao, PR. This will be the first ever wrestling event in this building, which is said to be state of the art. Colon also stated that he will be refereeing a match during the weekend, but would not disclose who would be participating on said match.

Puerto Rico Independent Wrestling Scene

Extreme Wrestling Organization (EWO)

The EWO presented their event ‘Renacer 2014’ last Saturday March 29th at the ‘San Juan Bosco Oratorium” located in Santurce, PR. They had a great crowd for this event, which surpassed a lot of fan expectations. The following are the results from the show:

- ‘El Cubano’ Rodrigo Garcia defeated ‘El Rapero’ J.P.

- ‘Los Patriotas’ defeated ‘Los Extraordinarios’

- Special Delivery’ Matthews defeated ‘Death Dealer’ Raziel

- ‘El Cartel de la Lucha Libre’ became the new EWO World Tag Team champions after they defeated ‘Doom Patrol’

- ‘El Hombre Bestia’ Angel defeated Masamba, Manny Ferno and Manny Cruz, and by doing so he became the first ever EWO Caribbean champion.

- Ladies Match: ‘La Chica de la Actitud’ Roxy defeated Ashanty, Sweet Nancy and Kristal

- ‘Sexy Boy’ Christopher retained his EWO TV title after defeating Tony Ice

- ‘Two Face’ became the new EWO Puerto Rico champion after he defeated Jack Daniels, Jamal and Syko in a Fatal Four-Way match.

- In a special challenge match ordered by the Board of Directors, ‘Mano de Piedra’ Luis Estilo defeated Papi Nieves. However, due to Estilo having punched the referee, the decision was reversed, thus giving Papi Nieves the victory.

- In a Triple Threat Match, for the EWO World Heavyweight title, ‘The Natural’ Chase Stevens became the new champion after he defeated ‘El Demonio’ Slugga (c) and ‘La Estrella’ Mike Piconose.

- In what was deemed as a ‘Respect Match, the team of ‘Neo & Montana’ defeated ‘La Milicia’ (Guevara & Zapata). After the match and event though they had won, Neo turned on his long time partner Montana, joining the faction of ‘El Cartel de la lucha libre’.

Here are a couple of links regarding EWO: the first is Neo explaining why he decided to join ‘El Cartel de la lucha libre’ betraying his long time partner Montana in the process

(; and the second one are the first statements made by the new EWO World Heavyweight champion, ‘The Natural’ Chase Stevens (

The next EWO show is scheduled to take place in Guaynabo, PR on Saturday April 12th, with a bell time of 8:30PM. You can learn more about this promotion by visiting their website:

Lucha Libre – IGWA

IGWA held their event ‘WAR ZONE: Tiempos de Guerra III’ last Sunday March 30th in Ciales, PR. The show was attended by a little over 200 fans. The following are the results from the event:

- The show starts with the announcement that a new wrestler will debut tonight. Out comes ‘El jibarito’ Panchito representing the Puerto Rican cultura, only to be completely decimated by Chief Attakullakulla. And we are off to the races with IGWA WAR ZONE 2014!

- ‘El hijo de la violencia’ Rey Luis defeated Darkness Sinner.

- We have new IGWA Tag Team champions as ‘La Resistencia’ defeated ‘Los Reyes del Teke’ w/ Lo Máximo.

- Sgt. Kelly defeated Tank.

- ‘Los Abominables Soul Krashers’ Némesis & ‘La Máquina’ Kronoss defeated Jeff Razzor & Oscar Candelaria Moreno. After the match, Jeff Razzor and his new manager Van Kayser beat down his partner Oscar Candelaria as he was upset about losing the match to the ‘Soul Krashers’.

- Venum defeated Rey del Aire Mágico. After the match, the both shake hands, which brought out a loud cheer from the crowd.

- Agorath defeated Malignus.

- ‘La Furia’ Sammy Rivera defeated Frankie Rivera in a street fight.

- Chief Attakullakulla becomes the new IGWA World Heavyweight champion after he defeated Chicky Starr. The match ended in a very controversial manner with the inteference from a referee that Attakullakulla had brought with him from the USA in what is now being called the “Ciales Puerto Rico Screw Job”. He is now taking the belt back to the mainland with him. ‘Dragón Supremo’ gets into an argument and demands that Chief Attakullakulla retracts and apologizes to the crowd after the very controversial finish to the match. He stands by Chicky Starr and is supporting him after what just happened, when the Director of Operations Jan Carlos Rosado tells him that it is in his best interests to not have anything to do with Starr and to back off or he will suffer the consequences, even to the point of threatening him that they will hurt his family.

Some notes from the company… ‘Hardcore Bam Bam’ will undergo knee surgery sometime in mid-April. No information was shared as to how long he will be out.

The promotion will be holding try-outs in the near future. It is expected that they will provide all the information in the next few weeks.

The next announced event is ‘IGWA Rebellion 2014” which is scheduled to take place on Saturday April 12th at the ‘Jose De Leon Auditorium’ in Florida, PR. We will have more information about this event as soon as the card is announced.

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