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By Dave Scherer on 2014-04-07 09:59:00

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Can you give me a clear explanation on why people are placing bets on Wrestlemania, something where most people, if they're smart, know what the outcomes will be. To me it feels really ridiculous... especially for 29 when it was so predictable. Though in hindsight, I probably should of placed 100 down, I would have gotten 9. Also, do you plan on betting?

I don't do it and never have, but I can see why people that like to bet do. It's a game of chance, and they are playing.

In your recap of the Hall of Fame, you said that, Warrior's speech tor the house down.. I didn't think so, I was expecting more of a flow to his speech, being that he is a motivational speaker.. What was so "awesome" about it? I felt that his speech was, all over the place and, while parts of it were good, there was a lot of awkward silence, bouncing from topic to topic, and also a couple times where he should of took it "home" and then kept going.. I thought it drug on for a little too long, and the fans seemed to lose interest as well.. You also, said that Mr. T gave a good speech, and I thought he was making a mockery of his Hall of Fame speech, with the way he kept going on and on about his mother and, made no mention of WWE and, he went out of his way to bore the audience, as if he knew what he was doing.. So, please tell me what you saw in those 2 speeches that I didn't see.. I mean Warrior's was fine but, he didn't "Tear down the house" or nothing like that, by no means.. I usually thoroughly enjoy the Hall of Fame but, it had a lot of awkwardness to it this year.. Jake Roberts speech was awesome, Scott Hall's would of been awesome had they let him keep going but, that was it..

It is all a matter of opinion. I won't ever tell you why my opinion is "right". You saw what you saw, I saw what I saw. If you don't think Warrior did a great job, no problem. But I am not going to explain something that you won't agree with. There's no point. As for Mr. T, I didn't see it that way at all. He talked about what he felt got him to the point of being inducted into the Hall. A lot of people didn't like T's speech but other than being too long, I didn't. His message was a good one.

With the WWE network, and Wrestlemania, costing American viewers $10 (£7) all in. Why should WWE expect me as UK fan to pay $25 (£18) for just the Wrestlemania PPV. I know Sky will be instrumental in the charges as they are the carrier but I still feel like we, the UK fans, are being treated as second class citizens. Have there been any plans to reduce PPV costs here in the UK until the network EVENTUALLY launches here?

Why? Because that is how you can see it! If you want to watch it, that is what it will cost. And keep one thing in mind, we in the US have been paying a lot, for years, while you guys got a lot of shows for free on Sky. Why did we pay? Because that was the option to see the show.

How likely would WWE's fanbase be into a ROH match at a PPV once in a while? WWE never seems to have enough going on to sustain their nearly 3 hour PPVs half the time.

WWE really has no desire to do that. They want to own and control the product that they present. With that said, if the fan base didn't know the wrestlers working, they probably would have a hard time grabbing the crowd, especially since WWE wouldn't let them do a lot of the high impact moves that they do in ROH.

I just read that someone suggested using "The Final Countdown" as Daniel Bryan's new theme and you thought that people wouldn't recognize it and not have that big pop they know he's going to get. How about if he wins the title, then tomorrow night on Raw they open the show with a vignette of Bryan's falls and rise to the WWEWHC with it playing in the background? Gives the crowd something to watch, hype them up, and finally introduce Bryan when it hits the chorus.

I wouldn't hate it, but I don't really think it's needed either.

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