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By Dave Scherer on 2014-04-06 14:39:15 interviewed Jake Roberts after the Hall Of Fame last night. It was a nice story where he talked about having some things written down but then just speaking from his heart. You can read it by clicking here.

They also put up a bunch of exclusive videos from The Hall, including on of a backstage Kliq reunion. You can watch it by clicking here.

Steve Austin tweeted the following about the Hall Of Fame: "Helluva time at HOF last night. Drank wine w @RealKevinNash till 4am booking the territory. Congrats to the new members. #ilovemymother"

Wine? That is killing your gimmick Steve.

Jim Ross has posted his latest blog, looking at all of the goings on from WrestleMania weekend. He talked about his one man shows, attenting the Hall Of Fame and more. You can read it by clicking here. has posted a photo gallery from the Hall Of Fame, which you can see by clicking here.

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