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By Dave Scherer on 2014-04-06 09:59:00

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If CM Punk happens to be in the audience for Wrestlemania XXX in a prime seat, compared to up in the rafters, that he bought on his own, do you think that they would make every effort not to show him on camera or would they show him, acknowledge him, be done with it and continue with the show like he wasn't there?

There is no way he would do that. He respects the company and would never cause a scene like that. He is not that kind of guy.

What do you think about the following scenario: Steve Austin got a prominent role at WrestleMania, only to be attacked brutally by CM Punk. Punk can't stand that someone like Austin again has a great WrestleMania moment and destroys Austin. This way, we have our dream match for next years Mania, Austin can train an prepare one whole year and CM Punk has a nearly one year hiatus.

If they were going to do it, that wouldn't be a bad way to do so. But I see pretty much no chance of that happening.

I love everything about Daniel Bryan except for his music. Since WWE were able to afford "Cult of Personality" for CM Punk, wouldn't it be just as good an idea for them to shell out for "The Final Countdown"? I doubt Europe costs that much considering they haven't had a hit song in over 20 years. Wouldn't it be cool if that was his new music at WrestleMania? People still know the song and I think it would heighten his reaction. Your thoughts please.

Personally, I like his music. But even if there was going to be a chance, I don't do it tonight. The fans know his music and they pop for it. If they were going to make a change, they shouldn't do it at the biggest show of the year in my opinion.

Do you think that the WWE network will ever program Tuesday Night Titans- the talk show that Vince hosted on USA network back in the (I believe 80’s) There were some great bits on that show- and thought I would pose the question.

It wouldn't shock me if they brought it back at some point. It was campy stuff. I miss Fuji Vice.

I heard on his podcast that Steve Austin believes CM Punk will return at WrestleMania 30. While I also think he is coming back I think it won't be until the next night at Raw (obviously meaning a deal has already been made between Punk/WWE to return and with a contract extension). Assuming the end everybody expects where Daniel Bryan wins the title how about Punk returning the next night and challenging him. This sets off a Punk/Bryan feud which would be a hot angle and sufficiently punishes Punk for walking out by him missing the Mania payday.

First no one knows what the Mania payday is. With the Network in play, it's different than it was. Second, I don't think it really penalizes Punk by putting him in a Title program! I don't think WWE can let a guy walk out and go home before the biggest show of the year and while you are launching a Network and negotiating a new TV deal, and put him at the top of the card. It would send a really bad message to the rest of the roster.

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