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By David Tees on 2014-04-04 18:57:43

Welcome to the PWInsider live coverage of A Wrestling Odyssey 2014, live from the McAlister Auditorium At Tulane University.

Daffney is your host for the event and she pumps up the crowd before our first match begins.

Match #1 - WILDKAT Title Match: Mike Dell (Champion) vs. Steve Anthony

This match begins with Anthony and Dell exchanging plenty of wrist locks, Anthony gains the early edge after using a reversal to score a near fall on Dell. Dell drops Anthony with a shoulder block, but then gets taken down by a drop kick after he taunted the crowd. Dell grabs a hold of Anthony and he catches him with some knees to the midsection, Anthony tries to get back to working on the arm of Dell before catching him with a head scissors takedown. Dell gains control of the match after dropping Anthony throat first on the top rope, Dell catches Anthony with a middle rope elbow drop for a near fall.

Dell does his best to keep Anthony down by locking him in the chin lock, Anthony fights back by backing Dell in the corner and nailing him with kicks to the rib cage. Dell regains control by propelling Anthony head first into the middle turnbuckle, Dell then chokes Anthony on the middle rope. Dell then catches Anthony with a double under hook suplex for a near fall, Dell keeps the pressure on Anthony by catching him with a neck breaker. Anthony looks to make another comeback and Dell mauls him with a power slam, Anthony escapes a suplex attempt from Dell before catching with a flying elbow and a back body drop. Anthony then hits Dell with a spinning uranage for a two count, Anthony then hits Dell with a super kick into a German suplex for another two count.

Anthony goes to the top rope and he misses the 450 splash on Dell, Dell catches Anthony with a top rope elbow drop for the three count.

Result: Mike Dell def. Steve Anthony to retain the WILDKAT Title

Match #2 - Special Guest Referee Is Maxwell Chicago: The Bravado Brothers (Lance & Harlem) Joey Ryan & Candace LeRae

There is a lot of pre-match antics that include Maxwell Chicago doing some singing, but the Bravados jump Ryan and LeRae to get the match started. Ryan regains control for his team before Harlem tricks him into running the ropes uninterrupted for a long time, Ryan looks for an inhaler and Harlem hits him with a clothes line after he uses one. Lance tags in and he crushes Ryan with shoulder smashes in the corner, Ryan tries to tag in LeRae and the Bravdos continuously cut him off.

The Bravados catch Ryan with a pair of standing elbows and a double elbow drop, Ryan eventually catches Harlem with a fall away slam before tagging LeRae in. LeRae quickly catches Harlem with a flying hurricarana and an octopus stretch, Maxwell takes a picture of LaRea holding Harlem in the octopus stretch. The Bravados overmatch LeRae before arguing how to pile drive her, Ryan makes the save and an eye poke battle ensues. Ryan eventually exchanges low blows with Lance and they both fall into the crotch of Maxwell, LeRae then hits Harlem with a ballsplex. LeRae almost scores the pin for her team after a top rope tornado DDT, LeRae goes after both Bravado's in the corner until Maxwell pulls her away.

The Bravado Brothers catch LeRae with the Gentleman's Agreement to scores the three count.

Result: The Bravado Brothers def. Joey Ryan & Candace LeRae

After the match, Joey Ryan and Maxwell Chicago save Candace LeRae from a post match beating by the Bravado Brothers.

Match #3 - Full Impact Pro Heavyweight Title Match: Trent Barretta (Champion) vs. Lince Dorado (FIP Heritage Champion)

This next bout starts off with Barretta taunting the smaller Dorado, Dorado catches Barretta with a headlock. Barretta backs away before catching Dorado with a running shoulder tackle and a hurricarana, Dorado knocks Barretta to the arena floor before faking a suicide dive. Barretta slows down the pace of the match before choking Dorado in the corner, Dorado trips up Barretta before catching him with a standing moonsault. Dorado backs Barretta into the corner before attacking him with a few chops, Dorado drops Barretta with a rope assisted inzaguri.

Dorado dives off the top rope and Barretta hits him with a drop kick, Barretta then takes the opportunity to attack Dorado with chops and a back elbow. Barretta gets a near fall on Dorado with a jumping knee drop, Barretta teases the crowd before stomping on the head of Dorado. Dorado counters a sunset flip from Barretta before catching him with a drop kick, Dorado keeps the pressure on Barretta by knocking him out of the ring with a handspring elbow. Dorado follows Barretta to the arena floor to attack him a couple of chops, Dorado eventually catches Barretta with a suicide dive.

Dorado gets a two count on Barretta with a top rope high cross body, Barretta catches Dorado with a wheel barrow slam after avoiding a reverse hurricarana. Barretta keeps the pressure on Dorado by hitting him with a running tornado DDT, Barretta places Dorado on the top rope and Dorado knocks Barretta off a short time later, Barretta recovers quickly to hit Dorado with a top rope release German suplex for a two count. Dorado hits Barretta with a super kick and reverse hurricarana after avoiding a running knee strike, the wrestlers exchange some blows as they get to their knees.

Dorado and Barretta exchange blows until Barretta hits Dorado with a Dude Buster for the three count.

Result: Trent Barretta def. Lince Dorado to retain the FIP Heavyweight Title

Match #4 - SHINE Tag Team Title Match: The Lucha Sisters (Mia Yim & Leva Bates) (Champions) vs. The SNS Express (Navaeh & Sassy Stephie)

This tag match kicks off with Yim and Navaeh going through a feeling out process, Yim starts working over the arm of Navaeh before catching her with a head scissor takeover. Stephie tags in and Yim drops her with a drop toe hold, Bates tags in and the Lucha Sisters double team Stephie with kicks. Navaeh interferes when Stephie distracts the ref and Leva goes down, Stephie smashes Bates face to the mat before Navaeh tags in.

Navaeh tags in and she gets a near fall on Bates after a suplex, Stephie tags back in and she catches Bates with a reverse angle slam. Navaeh tags in again and she chokes Bates along the bottom rope, Bates tries fighting back and Navaeh locks her in a modified sleeper hold. Stephie tags back in and she chokes Bates along the middle rope, Bates catches Stephie with a roll up and the ref cannot make the count because he was arguing with Yim.

Navaeh tags back in and she stomps on Bates in the corner, Bates finally tags in Yim after she catches Navaeh with a top rope avalanche. Yim comes in and she takes out both members on the SNS Express, all four women eventually take each other out and they are all slow to get up. Bates and Yim hit both of their opponents with drop kicks, Yim catches Stephie with a lionsault for the three count.

Result: The Lucha Sisters def. The SNS Express to retain the titles

Match #5 - SHINE Title Match: Ivelisse (Champion) vs. Jazz

This next contest starts off with Ivelisse working over the arm of Jazz after a head lock exchange, Jazz gets the first pin attempt with a roll up on Ivelisse. Ivelisse challenges Jazz to a test of strength and Jazz wins that battle, Jazz starts working over Ivelisse with a head lock. Ivelisse breaks the hold by locking Jazz in the head scissors, Jazz counters that hold by catching Ivelisse in a modified Boston crab. Ivelisse escapes and she applies a cross face submission on Jazz, Ivelisse switches holds to put Jazz in a dragon sleeper.

Jazz gets the advantage on Ivelisse by stretching Ivelisse along the ropes, Jazz cross faces Ivelisse for a near fall. Ivelisse tries fighting back by catching Jazz with a few fore arm smashes, Ivelisse botches a springboard maneuver and Jazz gets a near fall. Ivelisse rebounds by catching Jazz with a springboard cross body block, Jazz misses a charge to the corner and Ivelisse makes her pay with a top rope missile drop kick.

Ivelisse follows the attack up by locking Jazz in the rear naked choke, Jazz eventually breaks free and she attacks Ivelisse with some chops. Ivelisse charges at Jazz and she gets elevated to the ring apron, Ivelisse climbs to the top rope and Jazz crotches her. Jazz then hits Ivelisse with a michinoku driver for a two count, Jazz misses a punch and Ivelisse nails her with a spin kick for the three count.

Result: Ivelisse def. Jazz to retain the title

Match #6 - Combat Zone Wrestling Heavyweight Title Match – British Rules Match: Drew Gulak w/Chuck Taylor (Champion) vs. Timothy Thatcher w/Biff Busick


There will be 5 rounds that are 5 minutes each and overtime will be used if necessary
A wrestler must score 2 pins or submissions to win the match, A knockout automatically ends the match
3 fouls equal a DQ and the match is over
Wrestlers have to a count of 10 to get up when he is on the ground

Round One

The round begins with both wrestlers taunting the other, Thatcher trips up Gulak a few times while twisting his leg. Gulak gets back to his feet before catching Thatcher with a forearm strike, Thatcher starts going after the arm of Gulak until Gulak breaks his grasp with a few forward rolls. Thatcher locks Gulak in the key lock submission, Gulak breaks the hold by tripping up Thatcher and working over his leg. Thatcher gets a two count on Gulak with an inside cradle and the first round concludes.

Round Two

The round begins with Thatcher catching Gulak in a front headlock, Gulak breaks free and he takes down Thatcher with some arm drags. Gulak grabs hold of the arm of Thatcher and he attacks Thatcher with a dragon screw arm whip, Gulak keeps Thatcher on the ground and he now focuses on his leg. Thatcher regains control of the match and he twists away and throws Gulak around the ring by his arm, Thatcher then catches Gulak with a gut wrench suplex. Thatcher locks Gulak in the fujigawa arm bar to force a tap out.

Drew Gulak (0) – Timothy Thatcher (1)

Round Three

The round begins with Thatcher attacking Gulak with some European uppercuts, Thatcher grabs a hold of the arm of Gulak and he works over it again. Thatcher brings Gulak to the ground before stomping on his arm, Thatcher backs Gulak into the corner before hitting him with more European uppercuts. Gulak catches Thatcher with a back slide from out of nowhere for the three count.

Drew Gulak (1) – Timothy Thatcher (1)

Round Four

The round begins with Gulak holding Thatcher in a head lock, Thatcher breaks free of the hold before nailing Gulak with a release German suplex. Thatcher goes back to attacking Gulak with some European uppercuts, Thatcher catches Gulak with a suplex for a two count. Gulak kicks out of the pin and Thatcher immediately locks him in an arm bar, Gulak eventually drops Thatcher with a drop kick. Gulak brings Thatcher down with a snap mare for a few near falls, Gulak starts clobbering the back ofThatcher with fore arm smashes. Gulak escapes a submission attempt from Thatcher to lock him in the ankle lock, Gulak uses an abdominal stretch to drop into a pin attempt on Thatcher as the round ends.

Round Five

The round begins with a test of strength between the competitors, Thatcher then attacks Gulak with some knee strikes to the midsection. Gulak counters a knee strike with a dragon screw leg whip, Gulak locks Thatcher in the ankle lock that Thatcher escapes after rolling through. Thatcher starts pounding on the back of Gulak until he go down a few times, Thatcher grabs the referee and he is issued warning #1 by the referee. Thatcher waits for Gulak to stand up before nailing him with an European uppercut, Gulak uses a sunset flip attempt to catch Thatcher with a head lock. Thatcher rolls through to break free and he geos back to attacking Gulak with knee strikes to the rib cage, Thatcher uses a judo throw on Gulak before locking him an arm bar. Gulak uses a rope break to get Thatcher to release the hold, Thatcher again attacks Gulak with some European uppercuts. Gulak stops the attack of Thatcher by hitting him with a regalplex, Thatcher goes for an arm bar and the bell rings. Thatcher does not release the hold and the referee issues him warning #2.

Round Six

The round begins with Thatcher attacking Gulak with punches and European uppercuts, Gulak fights back by hitting Thatcher with open hand strikes. Gulak uses a judo throw on Thatcher and he locks in the ankle lock to force a tap out.

Result: Drew Gulak def. Timothy Thatcher 2-1 in Round Six to retain the title

Before the main event begins, Anthony Nese comes to the ring and demands that the match be changed into a three way dance and all parties accept.

Main Event - Evolve Title Match: 20 Minute Iron Man Match: Chris Hero (Champion) vs. AR Fox vs. Anthony Nese

The match begins with Nese hightailing it out of the ring once the bell rings, Hero and Fox start in the ring by exchanging a few holds. Fox catches Hero with a drop kick for a near fall, Hero then catches a leaping Fox with a big boot to the midsection. Nese continues to attack both competitors from behind, Hero sandwiches both men in the corner before missing an avalanche in the same corner. Hero gets tossed out of the ring by both competitors, Fox then catches Nese with a running yakuza kick in the corner.

Nese eventually sweeps Fox off the middle rope for a near fall, Nese shows his strength by nailing Fox with a suplex. Nese keeps slowing down Fox by locking him in a chin lock, Fox eventually breaks free before hitting Nese with a double stomp and a cannon ball splash. Nese rolls up Fox and Hero returns to the ring to suplex Nese onto Fox, Hero then catches Fox with a knee drop. Fox recovers by hitting Hero with a springboard ace crusher, Nese and Fox both attempt some pins on Hero. Nese then hits Fox with a lionsault for to incapacitate him, Hero eventually catches Nese with a running clothes line.

Hero works over Nese by hitting him with a spinning neck breaker, Hero then catches Nese with a yakuza kick. Hero follows that up by nailing Fox with a roaring elbow, Nese knocks Hero of the ring and gets a three count on Fox.

Anthony Nese (1) – Chris Hero (0) – AR Fox (0)

The match resumes with Nese crushing Fox with a knee drop, Hero gets back in the ring by attempting a sunset flip on Nese. Nese then hits Hero with a pump handle slam for a two count, Nese goes for a 450 splash and Hero gets out of the way. Fox then hits a moving Hero with a frog splash, Nese knocks Fox out of the ring and he pins Hero for the three count.

Anthony Nese (2) – Chris Hero (0) – AR Fox (0)

The match resumes with Hero recovering and catching Nese with a roaring elbow, Fox battles Hero and they each catch the other with some big strikes. Fox catches Hero with a roll up for the three count.

Anthony Nese (2) – Chris Hero (0) – AR Fox (1)

The match resumes with Hero attacking Fox with a roaring elbow for a near fall, Hero locks Fox in a submission and Nese breaks it up. Hero then catches Nese with a yakuza kick, Hero forces both men to tap out to dragon sleepers and he gets two points.

Anthony Nese (2) – Chris Hero (1) – AR Fox (1)

The match resumes with Hero blocking a pair of top rope moves from both Nese and Fox, Hero then hits Nese with a big boot. Hero brings Nese to the corner and he attacks him with a bunch of strikes. Fox somehow catches Hero with a lo mein pain that causes him to land on top of Nese, Fox eventually tosses Nese out of the ring after hitting him with some fore arm strikes, Hero tries to power bomb Fox and Nese sneaks up behind him with a German suplex. All three competitors exchange blows in the center of the ring, Hero catches Fox with a drop kick for the near fall. Hero nails Fox with a roaring elbow from behind, then Hero hits Nese with a roaring elbow for the three count as the bell sounds.

Anthony Nese (2) – Chris Hero (3) – AR Fox (1)

Result: Chris Hero (3) def. Anthony Nese (2) & AR Fox (1) to retain the title

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