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By Richard Trionfo on 2014-03-21 22:00:31
We are in Houston, Texas and your announcers are Michael ‘Summit’ Cole and John ‘Enron’ Layfield.

Michael talks about the Number One Contender match for the Tag Titles later tonight as well as the match between John Cena and Luke Harper.

Kane makes his way to the ring.

Kane says that this past Monday was a glorious night for the WWE. Kane provides us with footage of the end of the Yes Movement. We see what happened at the end of Raw.

Kane says Daniel Bryan had this coming. He is an insufferable egomaniac who lives for the constant adulation that the ignorant members of the WWE Universe feed to him. If you want to blame anyone for what happened to Daniel Bryan on Monday, look in the mirror because it is your fault.

He began to believe that he was bigger than WWE and bigger than The Authority. On Monday, Daniel Bryan and all of you learned an important lesson. No one is bigger than the Authority. What Triple H did to Daniel Bryan was something that should have happened a long time ago and was something that Daniel Bryan deserved.

Let that be a lesson to all of you whose delusions of grandeur made you believe that you were bigger than yourselves and thought that was the case. Some people are just better than others. The Authority is better than Daniel Bryan. The Authority is much better than all of you.

What happened to your precious Yes Movement on Monday is what you all deserved.

Kane takes out a letter from Triple H that Kane is going to read on his behalf.

It is with deep regret that I have had to take matters into my own hands as it relates to the lack of discipline and respect that Daniel Bryan has shown The Authority. I regret that Daniel pushed my wife and me into an untenable position having to use our discretionary powers. It is not often that we have to resort to force. When the circumstances call for it, we will strike with great vengeance. We hope the WWE Universe understands that there must be respect for authority. Thank you and welcome to Smackdown.

Kane leaves the ring and walks past the participants in the opening match of the night.

Match Number One: Fandango (with Summer Rae) versus Fernando (with Diego and El Torito)

Fandango with a chop to Fernando. Fandango with a fireman’s carry and he gets a near fall. Fandango with a reverse chin lock but Fernando gets to his feet and he gives Fandango a jaw breaker. Fandango with a flying heel kick for a near fall. Fandango goes up top but misses a knee drop when Fernando moves out of the way.

Fandango misses a charge into the corner and Fernando with a few flying forearms. Fernando with a rana and a springboard back elbow. Summer gets on the apron and Fandango with a clothesline. Torito prepares to charge at Summer and he chases her around the ring until Summer gets on the apron. Fernando with a rollup for the three count.

Winner Fernando

We go to commercial.

Match Number Two: Dolph Ziggler versus Damien Sandow

They lock up and Sandow with knees to Ziggler followed by a side Russian leg sweep and a forearm. Sandow with head butts to Ziggler. Ziggler with a drop kick and Sandow goes to the floor. Ziggler follows after Sandow and he sends Damien into the apron and then back into the ring. Ziggler goes up top but Sandow with a spinning heel kick that knocks Ziggler off the turnbuckles and into the ring steps before hitting the floor.

Sandow waits for Ziggler to get up and into the ring. Sandow with knees and punches to Ziggler and then he chokes Ziggler. Sandow runs his boot laces across the face and gets a near fall. Sandow with a knee to the back and he applies a reverse chin lock. Ziggler with elbows to get out of the hold but Sandow with a back elbow and knees to the ribs. Sandow with a knee drop and then he sends Ziggler to the floor.

Sandow sends Ziggler into the ringside barrier. Sandow rolls a motionless Ziggler into the ring but he can only get a near fall. Sandow with a snap mare and forearms to the chest. Sandow with a reverse chin lock on Ziggler. Ziggler with forearms but Sandow with a head butt. Ziggler with an elbow and a leaping DDT. Both men are down.

Ziggler with a cross body and he punches Sandow in the head. Ziggler leaps into the corner and he punches Sandow. Ziggler completes the sequence with a neck breaker and he gets a near fall. Ziggler misses the Fameasser and Sandow hits an Edgecution for a near fall. Sandow misses a flip snap neck breaker but Ziggler hits the Fameasser for the three count.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Luke Harper appears and he says that it is not safe for John Cena. Tonight, he is the reaper and he will carry out his plan.

Bray Wyatt appears and he is everything. It makes sense that John would fear him. He was born of this world’s hatred and he feeds of its sins. He is the color red in a world of black and white. He is his mother’s tears from the love that he could not repay her. The buzzards are circling overhead. He is the sad truth that is waiting down below. He has John’s fear in the palm of his hand and that is his power. His power is his control. He will rule John’s entire world.

He tells John to run.

Match Number Three: Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins (with Roman Reigns) versus Curtis Axel and Ryback versus Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre (with Heath Slater) versus Cesaro and Jack Swagger (with Zeb Colter) in a Number One Contender Match for the Tag Titles

Axel and Ambrose start things off and they lock up with Ambrose working on the wrist before applying a side head lock. Ambrose with a shoulder tackle and he blocks a hip toss and connects with a short arm clothesline and slam. Ambrose with a snap elbow drop for a near fall. Ambrose with a chop and punch followed by a kick. Axel with a kick and he tags in Mahal. Dean with a drop toe hold.

Mahal with a knee but Ambrose with a knee. Ambrose with a drop kick and after tagging in Rollins, Seth with a clothesline for a near fall. Ryback tags in and Rollins with a drop kick to Mahal but Ryback with a shoulder to Rollins followed by kicks. Ryback with a delayed vertical suplex attempt but Rollins with knees to escape the hold. Rollins lands on his feet and he goes for a cross body but Ryback catches him.

Ambrose with a drop kick to Rollins’ back that allows Rollins to get a lateral press. Rollins and Ambrose clothesline Ryback over the top rope to the floor and then they knock Axel off the apron. Ambrose and Rollins soar and score on Ryback and Axel.

We go to commercial.

We are back and McIntyre with a kick to Ambrose followed by a knee drop from Mahal for a near fall. Mahal with a front face lock. We see fooage from the commercial break when Cesaro swung Ambrose into the ringside barrier and then Ambrose fell victim to a clothesline from Swagger.

Axel tags in and he punches Ambrose. Axel kicks Ambrose and chokes him. Ryback tags in and Axel with a forearm from the apron. Ryback with a forearm and then he kicks Ambrose in the back. Ryback with a slam to Ambrose followed by a splash for a near fall. Ryback with a kick and then he chokes Ambrose in the ropes. Ryback with shoulders in the corner and then he picks up Ambrose and tries to run Ambrose into the turnbuckles but Ambrose gets a near fall with a sunset flip.

Ryback punches Ambrose and then he suplexes Ambrose. Ryback sets for the lariat and connects but Swagger tags in. Swagger gets a near fall but Ryback breaks it up. Swagger with the Swagger Bomb followed by the leap frog double stomp by Cesaro for a near fall. Cesaro kicks Rollins to the corner and then connects with a cross face. Cesaro with a reverse chin lock on Ambrose.

Ambrose with punches but Cesaro with a European uppercut. Ambrose responds with punches. They go back and forth until Ambrose is sent into the ropes with a European uppercut, but Ambrose rebounds in the ropes and connects with a clothesline. Swagger tags in but Ambrose with an inside cradle for a near fall. Ambrose with a DDT but he crawls to make the tag to Rollins instead of making the cover.

Mahal tags in and Rollins with a drop kick. Rollins with a kick. Rollins drop kicks McIntyre off the apron when Irish whipped into the corner. Rollins with an elbow and then he goes to the turnbuckles for a Blockbuster. Rollins knocks Axel off the apron and then he sends Ryback over the top rope to the floor. Rollins with a running forearm into the corner and then Rollins with a flip dive onto Ryback.

Rollins with a shoulder to Mahal followed by a back heel kick. Slater grabs Rollins’ leg but Reigns with a spear to Slater. Rollins with an enzuigiri followed by Black Out but McIntyre breaks up the cover. Ambrose sends Drew to the floor and then Kane comes to ringside to attack Reigns and the referee calls for the bell.

No Contest

Swagger and Cesaro work over Rollins while Kane and Reigns fight up the ramp and onto the stage. The New Age Outlaws join Kane with the attack on Reigns. Cesaro gives Rollins the Gotch Style Neutralizer in the ring while Ryback hits the marching musclebuster. Reigns with elbows and punches to the Outlaws but Kane grabs Reigns by the throat. Reigns with an uppercut, but the Outlaws attack Reigns from behind to stop him.

Kane with a kick to the head and Reigns goes down.

Kane and the New Age Outlaws make their way to the ring and they attack Ambrose and Rollins. Gunn with a Fameasser to Rollins while Kane gives Ambrose a choke slam.

Reigns crawls to the ring but Road Dogg stops him with a boot on the ramp. Gunn punches Reigns and then they bring Reigns into the ring for a choke slam.

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time for MizTV. Miz does his introduction. He mentions the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal and Miz says that as a man who likes to make history and does not lose at Wrestlemania, he will be in the battle royal.

Miz says that you are going to hear this from a lot of superstars, but he will beat 29 other Superstars and he will win the Andre the Giant Trophy.

Miz introduces his guest, the man who many say is the favorite in the Battle Royal, the Big Show.

Miz asks everyone if they think Big Show is going to win and Show thanks everyone for the reception. He thanks Miz for having him on MizTV. Show says that he has always been a fan of Andre. People have compared him to Andre. It would cement his legacy to win the Battle Royal.

Miz points out that Show has lost more than anyone in the history of Wrestlemania. Is it nine times?

Show tells Miz that he was lacing up his boots and selling out arenas while Miz was popping pimples on his face in high school.

He tells Miz to shut his mouth before he closes it. Miz says Big Show isn’t the only guest on MizTV. He asked some of the other participants in the Battle Royal to join him.

Titus O’Neil, Kofi Kingston, Alberto Del Rio, Big E, Cody Rhodes, Mark Henry, Goldust, and Sheamus make their way to the ring.

Sheamus has a mic and he says that since we have all of these amped up men in the ring, why not quit the talking and let’s fight.

Miz tries to calm everyone down. He says that everyone wants to prove that they are going to win the Andre the Giant Trophy and he cannot think of a better time than now. To take out the biggest threat.

Everyone goes after Big Show but then things break into groups. Miz goes to the floor. Sheamus throws Cody to the floor and then he does the same to Big E. Show sends Goldust over the top rope. Kofi gives Mark Henry Trouble in Paradise and then Sheamus with a Brogue Kick to send Henry to the floor. Titus is thrown out of the ring and then Kofi is sent to the floor.

Sheamus and Show are in the ring and Sheamus and Show exchange punches. Sheamus with a running forearm and a knee lift that staggers Show. Show blocks a kick and Show sends Sheamus to the apron. Sheamus tries to pull Show over the top rope to the floor and Miz tries to help. Show sends Sheamus to the floor and then he presses Miz over his head and then he sends Miz over the top rope to the floor.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Four: Big E versus Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio with a kick and then he kicks and punches Big E in the corner. Big E with punches to Del Rio. Big E with an Irish whip and shoulder into the corner. Big E gets a near fall. Del Rio with an Irish whip but he runs into Big E’s boots. Del Rio blocks it and he puts Big E’s legs in the ropes and hits a double stomp.

Del Rio with a reverse chin lock. Big E backs Del Rio into the corner and Big E runs into boots from Del Rio. Del Rio goes to the turnbuckles and he applies a cross arm breaker in the ropes. Del Rio releases the hold and then he goes to the floor. Big E with two clotheslines and then he avoids a clothesline from Del Rio. Big E with a belly-to-back suplex and then he tries for the Big Ending but Del Rio escapes and hits a lungblower for a near fall.

Del Rio looks around and he signals for the cross arm breaker but Big E pushes Del Rio away. Big E charges into the corner and Del Rio moves so Big E hits the ring post. Del Rio with a super kick for the three count.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

We see Santino in the make up chair and he talks to Jan about the problems that he is having with Emma. He says that it has been a mess, but Emma is all that she can think about. How can she make her more than a fun buddy? He talks about Emma and what he likes about her while Emma is standing behind him.

Santino and Emma bump heads and Santino freaks out and walks away.

We go to commercial.

We are back with the Mr. T induction video.

AJ Lee is at the announce table and she is with Tamina so everything appears to be good between them this weekend.

Match Number Five: Nikki Bella and Brie Bella versus Summer Rae and Natalya

Natalya and Nikki start things off and Natalya with a take down into a near fall. Nikki with an arm drag but Natalya blocks a kick. Nikki with a facebuster for a near fall. Summer tags in and there is some tension among the partners. Nikki with a take down and a near fall. Summer sends Nikki onto the apron and then she works on the leg that is tied up in the ropes.

Summer gets a near fall. Summer misses a spinning leg hold and Brie tags in and hits a clothesline and drop kick. Brie with a knee followed by a running knee to Summer against the roeps. Brie goes to the turnbuckles but Summer with a spinning heel kick and Natalya tags in. Natalya bumps into Summer as she enters the ring and they argue. Meanwhile, Brie is still on the turnbuckles and hits a missile drop kick.

Brie with a kick to the midsection followed by an X Factor for the three count.

Winners: Nikki and Brie Bella

After the match, Natalya kicks Summer before going to the back. The Bellas have a stare down with AJ and Tamina.

We take a look at the Undertaker’s appearance on Main Event. We are reminded that both men will be on Raw on Monday night.

We go to commercial.

We are back and there are a lot of people in Kane’s office. Kane tells them a job well done. He tells Ryback and Curtis Axel that they will be getting a tag title match.

Zeb reminds Kane they carried out their side of the bargain as well as beat the Usos. Kane says they have a tag title match as well.

Kane asks 3MB what they want. They were there too. Kane tells them that he is going to give them a Wrestlemania Moment. They are officially entered into the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

The New Age Outlaws enter the office and they hug Kane. Road Dogg says that they did what no one ever did before. They laid the Shield out in a puddle of their own punishment.

Kane says that he knew he could count on them.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Lana makes her way onto the stage speaking in Russian. She tells Houston they have a very big problem. She wants America to rise because his reign is coming closer with each passing day. No one or nobody will stop him. He is the Bulgarian Brute, the Super Athlete.

Rusev makes his way onto his Staircase of Bulgarian Splendor. Rusev speaks in Bulgarian.

Michael Cole provided a medical update for Daniel Bryan by the WWE Medical Staff. They said that Daniel suffered a shoulder subluxation (a partially dislocated shoulder), had ligaments stretched, and capsular swelling. Cole also said that Bryan’s labrum was okay so there is no need for surgery.

Daniel was advised to rest, but Cole announced that Daniel will appear at the Live Events this weekend as well as Monday’s Raw from Brooklyn.

Match Number Six: John Cena versus Luke Harper (with Bray Wyatt and Erick Rowan)

Harper runs Cena into the corner and he punches Cena in the ribs and then he rakes the eyes. Cena punches Harper and then he Irish whips Harper but Harper moves when Cena charges into the corner and Harper with a neck breaker for a near fall. Harper with a European uppercut and another uppercut.

Harper works over Cena’s face and then he applies a front face lock and does the Gator Roll into a reverse chin lock. Cena ducks a clothesline and he hits a flying shoulder tackle but Harper with a reverse atomic drop and a back heel kick for a near fall. Harper tries for a slam but Cena escapes and he tries for the STF. Cena with a Blue Thunder Bomb and then he signals for the Five Knuckle Shuffle but Rowan moves to ringside. Cena hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle.

Cena tries for the Attitude Adjustment but Harper escapes and he hits a boot to the head and gets a near fall. Harper misses a drop kick into the corner and Harper goes over the top rope to the floor. Harper gets back into the ring and Cena with a drop toe hold and he applies the STF. Harper bites Cena’s arm and then he hits a front driver out of a belly-to-back suplex set up and he gets a near fall.

Harper picks up Bryan and tries for a power bomb but Cena counters with a rana. Harper with a rana and a Michinoku Driver for a near fall. Harper waits for Cena to get up and he sets for the discus clothesline but Cena ducks it and Cena with the Attitude Adjustment for the three count.

Winner: John Cena

After the match, Cena gets out of the ring to avoid an attack by the Wyatts.

We go to credits.

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