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By Mike Johnson on 2014-03-13 09:22:12
Matt and Jeff Hardy vs. Jay and Mark Briscoe in what can only be described as a dream tag team encounter will headline the 4/26 OMEGA event in the Hardys' hometown of Cameron, NC at Union Pines High Schol.

In announcing the bout on Twitter, Matt Hardy described the bout as the "biggest tag team dream match" to happen in the last decade. He isn't kidding.

The most recent OMEGA event "Loco in Joco" was just released on DVD and is available at featuring:

*CW Anderson vs. Chris Escobar
*Reby Sky vs. Jamye Jameson
*Trevor Lee vs. Arik Royal
*Phil Brown vs. Jake Manning
*Mickey Gambino vs. Mikael Yamaha
*CW Anderson vs. Christian York
*Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy & Hurricane Helms vs. Ric Converse, Xsiris, & Zane Dawson

OMEGA was the promotion run by the Hardys prior to signing with WWF in the late 1990s. Over the last year, the promotion has been running events, mostly to raise money for charitable organizations, with Hurricane Helms as the point person.

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