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By Mike Johnson on 2014-03-13 08:10:06
TNA will broadcast a "live" episode of Impact Wrestling from Universal Studios Florida (actually taped about an hour before it is broadcast) featuring the first chapter in the company's new direction and storylines after Lockdown. Rockstar Spud will have a tribute to Dixie Carter, while Jeff Hardy as Willow and new TNA talents Brittany, X-Division champion Seiya Sendai and Tigre Uno are all scheduled to appear. TNA will also be filming the 3/20 episode tonight.

TNA will be taping tomorrow and Saturday, filming all of the episodes of Impact Wrestling through 4/9, as well as matches for Xplosion.

Two talents that apparently won't be appearing are Bad Influence, as they took to Twitter to claim they would not be on the tapings "due to the actions of the Great Muta" at the PPV.

Bad Influence has been added to's Wrestlecon event over Wrestlemania weekend.

Phil Lions sent the following....WRESTLE-1 announced that Seiya Sanada will have an X Division Title defense on 3/22 in Korakuen Hall in Tokyo. His challenger will be determined in a 20-man Extreme Royal (Royal Rumble style match) at W-1's March 15th show.

Rob Terry will work the entire next W-1 tour, which will be his fourth tour with the promotion.

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