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By Mike Johnson on 2014-03-11 13:47:56
Extreme Rising issued the following statement regarding Shane Douglas' claim that he was never booked for their events: "We have done our best to maintain the original "Springtime Beatdown" card (originally scheduled for 3/1 at the Arena, but was rescheduled due to venue issues with the City of Philadelphia's L&I department). The Franchise Shane Douglas had unexpectedly removed himself from the Extreme Rising events. This came as a surprise as a statement was issued through various new sites stating he was never booked for the events, as Extreme Rising's Steve O'Neill was never contacted whatsoever. Maybe one to many chairs to head, who knows. As many of you know Shane Douglas participated in a video promo for the 2/8 Pittsburgh, PA event and he was in the plans all the way up to the Anniversary event, and even the new Pittsburgh date. We hope Shane is well, and sincerely wish him the best. Who knows what would've happened on December 28th if the original plan for The Franchise to do a "lights off / on" spot at the end of the event would've went off, as well as received?"

With Stevie Richards still officially champion, he will face Sabu on 4/25 and Luke Hawx on 4/26 at the former ECW Arena.

On 4/25, Sonjay Dutt vs. Papadon has been added to the card. The storyline is that Papadon is on a "Global Conquest" trying to defeat the best international talent. He beat Hijo Del Rey Misterio at the last show. New Japan's Takaaki Watanabe will face Papadon on 4/26.

Sabu vs. L.A. Park in a revival of their feud in MLW has been added to 4/26 as well.

Expect a big push for Devon Storm going forward.

3/10 will be the last day that fans who hold tickets for the postponed event can exchange their tickets for 5/10 and receive a free pre-show cookout with the staff & wrestlers, private ringside Q&A, free autographs in supplied program, as well as free cell phone pictures, and the same exact seats ordered. They are also offering that to anyone who buys a ticket for the new date until the end of the day.

For ticket details and more on Extreme Rising, .

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