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By Mike Johnson on 2014-03-10 18:25:16
Welcome to the WWE Network Raw Pre-Game Show coverage.

The panel this week is Josh Mathews, Booker T, Jimmy Hart and Alex Riley. Hart said it’s great to be back in Memphis and he’s grateful to be back with WWE.

They announced Daniel Bryan & Big Show vs. WWE World Heavyweight champion Randy Orton & Batista for tonight.

They discussed Hulk Hogan's announcement. Renee Young was in the parking garage hoping to get a word from Hogan when he arrives.

The panel discussed Undertaker coming to Raw to respond to Brock Lesnar.

They discussed Lesnar’s chances of ending the streak as Alberto Del Rio headed to the ring for a bout against Sin Cara. Jimmy Hart was asked how much of a role Paul Heyman will play at Wrestlemania Hart said that Heyman’s meal ticket is Lesnar.

They began discussing the Sheamus vs. Christian feud. They will be facing off tonight with the audience deciding on the stip – Memphis Street Fight, Falls Count Anywhere or a Best of Three Falls bout.

They went to Sin Cara vs. Alberto Del Rio. Rio worked over Cara and covered him for a two count as a “We want Ziggler” chant was heard. ADR drilled Cara into the turnbuckles. He charged but Cara nailed him with an elbow and went for a tornado DDT.

They discussed the issues between John Cena and The Wyatt Family and previewed Cena vs. Eric Rowan later tonight.

Del Rio scored the win.

They aired a video piece on Daniel Bryan’s issues with Triple H, followed by Triple H’s claim on Main Event that he is not afraid of Daniel Bryan. The panel discussed the situation. Hart warned Bryan not to push HHH too far, because he could end up fired.

They began previewing all the matches and appearances announced for tonight. Behind the panel, the announcers for Raw began making their way to the ring. Jerry Lawler received a nice ovation in his hometown.

They went off the air with Hulk Hogan heading to the ring.

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