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By Wilson Spinney on 2014-03-10 11:54:08
Here are the results from last night's show in Jackson, TN:

Big E defeated Jack Swagger to retain the Intercontinental title. I was hoping for Cesaro but no such luck.

*The Great Khali and Darren Young defeated Titus O'Neil and Brodus Clay. Not good.

*Mark Henry defeated Heath Slater. Short match.

*The Big Show defeated Dean Ambrose by DQ. Jerry Lawler was the guest referee and got a big reaction. This was OK. Lots of Ambrose being bounced around the ring.

*The Bellas defeated Aksana and Alicia Fox. It stared as a dance competition and turned into a match. Nikki is hot as hell.

*Bad News Barrett defeated Sin Cara. Nothing to this.

*Sheamus defeated Christian in a good match. From a wrestling POV, this was the best thing on the show.

*The Shield defeated The Wyatt Family's Luke and Erick. Good brawl. Really fun to see these guys on top. Well deserved.

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