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By Mike Johnson on 2014-03-10 08:30:22
In regard to the Batista incident over the weekend in Winnipeg, DJ Cam Carson apologized on Twitter for the situation, implying he had had too much to drink at the event. He promised to discuss it on the air this morning. I was told by a few readers that he has a reputation for going over the line publicly. So, it appears to have been a legitimate issue.

Fandango was interviewed by The BBC about concussions in wrestling, noting that Chris Nowinski’s work has really changed how WWE cares for talents. Fandango noted that when he suffered a concussion last June, WWE took extra care and kept him out even after he passed an Impact test in order to make extra sure he was completely medically OK to return to a physical role. You can read the piece at this link.

Hornswoggle is going to the premiere of the new Muppets movie tonight at the El Capitan in Hollywood, CA. He has a cameo in the film as a convict in a Russian prison.

The first WWE Comic trade paperback “Money in the Bank” will be released on 6/17. Mick Foley is scripting the comic.

Gerald Brisco was at the Big 10 amateur Wrestling championships over the weekend scouting talent.

The former Kelly Kelly, Colt Cabana and WWE Hall of Famer Jake Roberts are slated for the 3/25 Maryland Championship Wrestling event in Joppa, MD. For details, visit

A tenth anniversary edition of “The Death of WCW” book by RD Reynolds and Bryan Alvarez will be released by ECW Press on 10/14. The Chris Jericho book "Best in the World, At What I Cannot Tell You" will be released the same day.

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