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By Mike Johnson on 2014-03-09 18:02:06
Welcome to's live, ongoing TNA Lockdown coverage.

The pre-game show was all pre-taped, thus no coverage. It was really slickly produced.

TNA Lockdown

The show opened with footage of Magnus and Samoa Joe entering the venue earlier this afternoon.

Bad Influence & Chris Sabin vs. Great Muta & TNA X-Division champion Senada & Yasufumi Nakanoue.

Bad Influence came out dressed in a parody of Great Muta during his NWA run in the 80s. They called Yasufui just “Yasu.” Bit of a Muta chant when he came to the ring.

Sabin and Senada started out. Sabin offered his hand but Senada wanted nothing to do with it. They locked up and Sabin worked over his arm. Senada and Sabin went back and forth until Sabin thumbed him in the eye and shoulderblocked him down. Senada blocked a hiptoss and locked in an abdominal stretch.

Yasu and Kaz tagged in. They exchanged holds until Kazarian clotheslined him down. Kaz missed a leap into the corner and was hiptossed down and caught in a side headlock. Muta tagged in to a nice pop and nailed the corkscrew elbow and locked in an STF. Daniels attacked Muta to break it up but was taken out with a thrust kick. Muta shot the green mist in the air.

Yasu tagged in. He fought off Influence but was knocked backwards into the cage and grabbed at his neck. They worked him over and Sabin tagged in and dropkicked him as he was held. They took turns tagging in and out working over Yasu. They worked him over for a long time but he kept kicking out.

Senada finally made the hot tag and cleaned house but was cut off by Bad Influence. He ducked under and Daniels accidentally clotheslined Kaz. Muta tagged in and nailed Dragonscrew Legwhips on everyone and locked in a leglock for a submission. He was double teamed but sprayed the green mist in Kaz’s face. Senada nailed a stunner on him. Muta nailed the shining wizard on Daniels. Senada nailed a moonsault for the pin.

Your winners, Team Wrestle-1!

Good, fun opener to open the show. Some good wrestling here.

Rockstar Spud marched to the ring and introduced TNA President Dixie Carter. She came out on the stage and said that unlike King James, she has earned her role as Queen. She said that she’s shown her business prowess but feels like some of the fans still don’t believe in her. She said some of the Miami Hurricanes look like they were hit by a hurricane. She said that MVP has pushed her and forced her to do something tonight that no one will ever anticipate. She’s going to hit a shooting star press? She said that she’s the one who went to NYC and got an insurance card that she’s keeping in her back pocket. She said that if Jeff Hardy even tries to enter the venue tonight, she will have him thrown out.

Backstage Jeremy Borash was backstage. Velvet Sky is answering questions all night long online. Eric Young was interviewed by Borash and said everything changes tonight after Lethal Lockdown.

Samuel Shaw vs. Ken Anderson

Shaw was upset Christy Hemme was nowhere to be found at ringside. He took a mic and scaled to the top of the steel cage and sat atop of it. He called for Hemme to come out and said, “Someone’s not keeping it professionally. If Christy Hemme doesn’t come out here, I’m going to professionally end it all.” He began standing on the cage as if he was going to jump. Yeah, let’s make suicide threats part of the storyline. Wonderful. The crowd was chanting, “Creepy bastard” during all of this.

Mr. Anderson came out and interrupted him with his big ring introduction. He told Shaw he doesn’t want to jump off, because it’s not high enough. The crowd chanted for Shaw to jump. Anderson said that he’ll just twist or break an ankle and he’ll look like more of a goof than he normally does. He told Shaw needs at least four or five stories to jump from. He told Shaw to come down. He told Shaw he would beat him up a little bit and then drive him anywhere he wants to go.

Anderson entered the cage as Shaw began climbing down. The announcers said it was “escape the cage” rules for this match. Shaw and Anderson began battling back and forth. Anderson had the early advantage. Hemme walked down to the ring and cheered on Anderson. Anderson whipped Shaw hard into the buckles but was kicked off during a charge. Shaw tried to climb the cage but was pulled down.

There is a sign in the front row that reads, “BOB RYDER 4 TNA HOF.” I am fine with that.

Anderson went for the Mic Check but Shaw fired back. Anderson kneed him and nailed a Gutwrench suplex. Shaw stomped away at Anderson and choked him. Shaw climbed up but was pulled back down by Anderson. He nailed a series of right hands and slammed Anderson into the cage face-first.

There was, what I believe, was a quick CM Punk chant.

Anderson and Shaw battled on the top until Anderson caught him with a belly to back suplex off the top. That was a pretty cool looking spot. Shaw took a nasty looking bump there. Shaw recovered and sent Anderson into the cage. He saw Hemme and waved to her, staring intently at her, then told the referee to unlock the door. Anderson came from behind and kneed Shaw, sending him into the still locked door, which slammed into referee Earl Hebner and laid him out.

Anderson grabbed the unconscious Shaw and set up for the Mic Check, then drilled him facefirst into the buckles. The crowd chanted, “TNA” as Hemme cheered and clapped. Shaw was unconscious. Anderson climbed over the top for the win. No referee to call the bell. Shaw grabbed Hemme’s arm through a hole cut open in the cage for the cameraman to shoot through. He pulled Hemme through the opening and trapped her in the cage. Shaw menaced Hemme in the cage, who slapped him.

Anderson grabbed the keys and unlocked the cage, grabbing Shaw and saving Hemme. He had Hemme leave but was lowblowed from behind and choked out. Hemme was freaked and ran backstage upset. Shaw walked out of the open door and the referee rang the bell, not even concerned with how the door was opened while he was unconscious.

Your winner, Sam Shaw!

From a storyline perspective, this was fine but probably too early on the card to do the ref bumps, screwy finish, etc. It made sense for the story though. The match itself was more of a backdrop for the angle at the end but a good spot off the top.

Backstage, Team Roode was discussing the match. Austin Aries wanted to know what the insurance policy Dixie was talking about earlier. Roode said he didn’t know but soon enough, they’d be done with MVP. Roode said he would start. The others wanted a piece of his promised 10%.

EC3 vs. ?

With Kurt Angle out, the story is that EC3 has issued an open challenge to anyone on the roster. My guess is that it’s Abyss.

EC3 cut a promo saying that when he was young, he had a dream to face the best. He said that Kurt Angle is the best, but so is EC3. The crowd chanted, "You can't wrestle" and he responded, "I disagree" and "I'm EC3" in a really funny way. Good way to play off the crowd. He said that it's interesting timing for Angle to schedule his surgery and said he's ready for anyone to face the "new American idol." He asked who is was going to be. The crowd was booing and he told them not to hijack the crowd. That was funny.

Out came Bobby Lashley. I didn't see that one coming.

EC3 vs. ?

With Kurt Angle out, the story is that EC3 has issued an open challenge to anyone on the roster. My guess is that it’s Abyss.

Lashley came out EC3 said Lashley’s not on the roster. Lashley entered the cage and EC3 told him he’s a Carter and he’s office (at least he didn’t say he’s Network) and he knows Lashley didn’t have a TNA deal. He warned Lashley that he saw what happened to Kurt Angle and ordered Lashley to leave the ring.

Lashley ducked a clothesline attempt and nailed an over the shoulder running powerslam. Lashley speared him. Carter rolled out of the ring and Lashley celebrated.

Just an angle but as a surprise, it came off well. EC3 was absolutely great in his role. Lashley looked jacked and happy to be there. If he can keep up the intensity, he’ll be a fun addition.

They aired a Kenny King vignette. I like them so far.

Backstage, TNA champion Magnus cut a promo backstage. He said he has had to do everything himself in his career. He said tonight, it’s different because he’s locked in a steel cage and it’s Joe’s Rules. Magnus said that he has to fight against adversity and MVP in the office. Magnus said he will fight this crusade alone but what bothers him is people asking what Joe is going to do to him. He said no one is asked what he’s going to do to Joe. He said that he has Joe all figured out and Joe doesn’t have it in the brains department. He said that he may not look and behave like an animal, if you back him into a corner, everyone will find out what happens.

Solid first hour, except for the teased suicide deal, which was extremely lame in my opinion.

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