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By Mike Johnson on 2014-03-09 16:41:44
Obviously, the big TNA news of the day is that Lockdown is tonight. We'll have complete ongoing coverage starting at 7:30 PM. If anyone is attending the show live, we are seeking live reports. TNA has released the following video packages for tonight's PPV bouts:

Samoa Joe vs. Magnus

Lethal Lockdown

Gunner vs. James Storm

Mr. Anderson vs. Samuel Shaw

Madison Rayne vs. Gail Kim

According to one source, the pre-sale leading into the show was around 900. So, we will see what the crowd looks like tonight.

I was told that Fan Interaction yesterday was a lot of fun and if you attended, it was very easy to get autographs/photos from the entire roster. Dixie Carter wasn't advertised but signed unannounced.

MVP and Jeremy Borash were at yesterday's Florida Panthers game to promote the PPV. One of the big reasons MVP came in was because Lockdown was in Miami, where he's from.

Taz was interviewed by The Miami Herald to promote the show. It's a good read. Why TNA doesn't use him more for media, I don't know. He always comes off well spoken.

TNA is taping Impact on 3/13-3/15 at Universal Studios Orlando this week. There's talk of filming Impact Wrestling in the Northeast this summer since they are having issues with getting dates at Universal. I've also heard talk they will try to partner with a casino for tapings, which doesn't necessarily mean they will tape in the Northeast. So, we will see.

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