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By Dave Scherer on 2014-03-12 08:59:00

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I have a couple of questions….. both relating to the WWE Network. I have an email into WWE concerning access – but so far, no response. I initially subscribed through my Apple TV – and paid the 6 months up front. I then tried to access content/network via my ipad and it will not allow me to do so. I assume if I have a subscription, it would be accessible via different devices. It does not appear this is the case…? Why would that be? If I have a subscription to the network – why would I not be able to access that subscription via any device I have that can receive it? Also, What do you think are the chances of seeing the Saturday 6:05 TBS WCW/NWA programs on the network? I loved those shows in that crappy little studio.

You can definitely access the Network from multiple devices. I use my Roku, laptop and iPad to watch it. Are you sure you are using the right login info? Eventually you will get that footage, it's just a matter of time.

I thought that you could watch Raw on the Network once Raw was off the air on the USA channel. As of now I think the newest raw is Jan 13. Am I missing something here or did I just read that incorrectly.

They stated that originally but changed it right before the Network launched. The reason I have heard is that their current deal with NBC Universal doesn't allow the replays and since they are now negotiating with other providers for their TV rights NBCU isn't in any hurry to be accommodating, especially when the Network will cost Comcast PPV buys. You can expect that they will do all they can to get the replays in the TV deal that they are negotiating now. If they stay with NBCU, they could start showing up when a new deal is signed.

Are you guys worried about WWE planting false stories? A lot of recent news items make it seem like they’re trying to use the internet and the IWC’s thirst for any insider knowledge to drive story lines. From a business perspective, I’m surprised they haven’t done this years ago. I’m not saying the staff of of is implicit in it at all. You can only report the information you’ve been given. Are you worried at all that you’re not being given sound information?

WWE has never "worked us". When they comment on something or send a press release, it's on the record. A reporter's job is to source information, and that is what we do. That doesn't mean WWE doesn't give people that they think may be leaks false information to see if it gets passed on, but they themselves don't work us.

Dave mention this today on audio, what do you think about for WrestleMania doing a champions challenge for WrestleMania AJ Lee vs. Paige? I know I'm probably dreaming, But AJ has no real Top contender till Naomi comes back, and it could promote NXT.

I would love it. I think they could tear down the house if they did it. I don't know if it will happen, but I would love to see it.

How do you see the CM Punk situation playing out with regards to AJ’s Diva title reign? Does she hang on to the belt until Punk’s contract expires in July as a way to keep the door open? And if she does will she end up dropping the title after the contract does expire?

I hope they are separate issues but that often doesn't tend to be the case in the business. I think it will have nothing to do with when Punk's contract ends. He has missed Raw in his hometown and Mania is less than a month away. I think if (when) he misses that, they will consider him gone. As for AJ, I hope it doesn't get taken out on her.

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