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By Dave Scherer on 2014-03-10 08:59:00

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I believe that much of the hate for Batista is due to the fact that he has been immediately pushed to the top of the card (wins the Rumble and gets a title shot at Wrestlemania) upon his return. Do you think the fan reaction to him would be more positive if he had been inserted into the mid card instead, thus freeing up the top spot for a guy like Daniel Bryan?

I absolutely think so. His reaction is purely due to where he has been placed, and who he has been placed above.

Owen Hart was a great, great worker, but by all accounts, he was a family man before a wrestler. Had his accident not happened, what do you think would have happened first: him becoming world champion, or him retiring to be with his family?

I am 99% sure he would have retired. That was his plan, to save enough to leave the business and retire. He was in the mid-card when he died and I think he would have stayed there.

Is Buck Zumhofe going to get the Chris Benoit treatment after being found guilty of all those charges? Or will they put an advisory warning before they show footage of him?

I sure hope so. If it was my call, he absolutely would. He was never much of a worker to begin with so pulling his footage would be no loss at all. What he was convicted of is vile. WWE should have no association wit him.

Is it just me, or are some crowds missing the point? I thought the Pittsburgh crowd chants were intriguing because they were sending a clear and concise message. Lately though, crowds just seem to be chanting things to try and hijack the show and they are devaluing the original message. Whether they chant "Randy Savage" in Minnesota or "This is awful" in Chicago the chants are misplaced and kinda ruin the show. In my opinion this is much worse than the post 'Mania Raw last year, those fans were at least awesome for travelling so far to be a part of the festivities. This latest crowd trend is akin to the "what?" movement, another blasphemy that the Chicago crowd revived.

I agree completely. Sadly, some people are just stupid losers, and they do things like chant moronic things while Christian and Sheamus are having a great match. Honestly, I was surprised that happened in Chicago. The fans there are usually very smart. But yes I agree, the problem is that a smart crowd like Pittsburgh got it. Some of the crowds that follow won't get it and thus will do stupid things. Sadly.

What was the purpose of the old NWA/WCW rule of a DQ if someone was thrown over the top rope?

Much like when any move was banned, the main reason they did it is so it can be used "behind the referee's back" to gain heat in the match. The idea back then was moves over the top rope would injure guys (yeah I know, it seems dated today). So when a guy got tossed over the top to the floor, it added to the heat of the match.

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