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By Mike Johnson on 2014-03-07 09:00:45
Do you think there is any chance that Bob Caudle will go into the WWE HOF this year or perhaps in the future? I grew up watching NWA/JCP wrestling (I know, I'm giving away my age) and always thought he was a great announcer. Thanks!

Quite honestly, I don't ever see them putting Bob in the WWE Hall of Fame. There is no question he is one of the best announcer evers, but I sincerely doubt he is anywhere near their radar. They would see him as a regional name and likely wouldn't even consider him even if they ran Wrestlemania in Charlotte. Caudle should be recognized and even more than that, he's one of many names the company should reach out to and interview as he's getting up their in age and has tons of amazing stories that would be great on the WWE Network and DVDs.

Where has the Big Show been?

He was given a few weeks off to sell the beating at the hands of Brock Lesnar but is fine and just returned to TV.

Love the site guys read it every day. Can I just ask how the WWE is allowed to tell us that all the content on The Network is uncut and uncensored when in recent weeks it has come to light that it is very clearly not.

It is, but with a sliding rule scale. I think anyone that believed that every show ever was going to be seen as it originally aired, they were deluding themselves. I always felt the unedited comments were made in regard to Attitude era WWE TV, which hasn't been seen without the old logos blurred in forever. They never promised every piece of footage would be uncensored. There was no way WWE was going to acquire all the music rights necessary for that, plus they have material that was already mastered with edits, so they aren't going to go back to square one. The reality is that for $10 a month, I think WWE can be forgiven for that transgression and if you disagree, well, you don't have to pay for it. This is just the reality of the situation and considering all the material that is out there for you to watch with great ease, it's a trade-off I have no issues with.

Where did the term hijack Raw come from? I heard it a lot this week leading up to Raw.

It was just used in definition of what fans were doing when they rejected WWE segments lately. The verbiage was popularized when on Twitter trying to push fans to hijack the show in Chicago. It was something the audience created so WWE twisted it into something they could refer to in their storylines.

Which PPV do you like more: WWE Elimination Chamber or TNA Lockdown?

I haven't seen Lockdown yet, so it's hard to say. However, I like the Chamber concept more than a PPV of all cage matches, personally.

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