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By Dave Scherer on 2014-03-05 08:59:00

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My question regards your increased ability to communicate with WWE. Earlier in the 2000s, I vaguely remember you guys were able to call WWE and communicate with them regarding some of your news stories, yet later they declared something to the effect of an "internet media blackout", shutting out the open communication with you. Anyways, my question is what happened? And is it safe to assume they have lightened up on your work since? I listened to your audio of the conference call with Triple H--a name that I couldn't imagine speaking to you in, say, 2004, for instance. If they are warmer to you and your work these days, what changed their perception of PWinsider? Again, thank you for all your hard work over the years. I am sure it's not an easy business model to report news on companies that wish to keep certain aspects a secret.

They just had a change in philosophy. As for our job, it's all part of the process and part of what makes it fun!

As time has passed, what have you learned about the complete deceleration of Alex Riley's push? He seemed to have some momentum and there were signs of him connecting with the audience after the split with The Miz. A lot of people point to John Cena as the main culprit......fair or unfair? And if that's the case, why would Cena, who is usually characterized as a largely non-political talent, make a point to target a guy on the ground floor like that?

All we have heard was there was an altercation with Cena that led to management, not Cena himself, souring on him. Personally, I think it's ridiculous that they felt that way but what can you do. They had something in him.

Batista mentioned in his tweet that “I did not want to leave, I had to leave” and “I did not have to come back, I wanted to come back”. What was the reason that he had to leave the company?

He said at the time that he didn't like the direction of the product. I don't know how that equates to him "having to leave".

With the launch of WWE network, the one thing I saw missing and cannot seem to find anyone addressing, is the Monday Night War program. Firstly, is it to be the same Raw/corresponding Nitro format from the OnDemand days. Secondly where is it?

As of Sunday, it hasn't been uploaded yet. It will come eventually.

Do you think that WWE should have launched the network before Elimination Chamber? I understand that there would be issues in the network launch (it's inevitable) but what happens if they have huge issues during the broadcast? What happens if they can't keep up with the huge demand? Say the feed goes down? Or it keeps freezing during the event? To me this could be a HUGE problem for WWE. Thoughts?

The problem there is if they had major problems on day one, it would have affected the PPV. I think it was smarter to do the NXT show first as problems there would be less dramatic that if they have them on a PPV. With that said, they absolutely should do some more live tests before WrestleMania. For sure. And they get that, which is why Main Event was live yesterday.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.

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