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By Dave Scherer on 2014-03-04 08:59:00

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I just got done watching NXT Arrival.. It was an AWESOME show! I've watched some NXT Episodes here and there and have always found it to be very enjoyable, there is some outstanding talent there and some others whom are what I like to say, "trying to hard to be something they aren't." Anyways after watching that show, I find myself asking you this.. Is NXT what WWE should be? I mean that in the sense of how it is booked and, also how they did these awesome video packages on the stars before their matches.. I think WWE should do that more, with the guys who are already on their roster, almost as a reminder of how good this wrestler can be and what they are about.. It also comes across as a WRESTLING show, where as Raw at many points in the show comes off hokey.. I've always heard that Vince lets HHH do his thing at NXT and doesn't interfere much, if any with his booking of the show.. So, if that's the case, is that a sign of things to come with HHH at the helm of WWE in the future? If it is, I think I like it..

There are definitely elements in NXT I would love to see WWE incorporate but we also have to remember that a pure "wrestling only" product has less mainstream appeal than the product that WWE presents. It's something that they are cognizant of and always have to consider when they do their product.

What was the first "Archived Pay-Per View" you watched on the WWE Network.. I found myself watching Bash at the Beach 1996, for some reason.. lol.. Also, why isn't Royal Rumble or Elimination Chamber from this year on there yet?

Barely Legal! Had to, I wouldn't be here if it weren't for that show. Rumble is up.  They have to hold Chamber until later this month due to deals with cable companies.

With the Super Bowl over and WrestleMania around the corner, here's a debate for you. In your opinion what's the bigger event WrestleMania or the Super Bowl and why?

This isn't even close. The Super Bowl dwarfs the revenue that WrestleMania generates. It's not even close.

In relation to the WWE network, and the first day problems that they had with the amount of subscriptions, crashing and so forth. Do you think WWE looks at this in a negative way, that they received complaints and so forth, or in a positive light, in a 'hey the demand is so great, it literally crashed our system' kind of a way?

That is how you can rationalize it but in the end, they would have rather had huge demand and had everything work flawlessly.

I know this scenario is unlikely to happen, but what would WWE do if thousands of fans at Wrestlemania 30 were so displeased with the booking of the main event of Orton vs Batista that they decided to just leave during their entrances, such as in the way fans will leave a sports game towards the end when the score is so one-sided that it's already over and they might as well get a head start beating traffic in the parking lot?

They would just focus the camera on the ring and not do any panning shots of the crowd.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.

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