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By Dave Scherer on 2014-03-03 08:59:00

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I notice when the WWE goes to Chicago, the Allstate Arena has been the venue they go to. Now I know the arena is a decent sized arena, but I noticed that the WWE really hasn't ever gone to the United Center (or Chicago Stadium before that). Better deal the WWE has with Allstate Arena or something else the case?

It goes back to the WCW days when the United Center didn't give WWE an exclusive. Allstate did.

What do you think of a wm 10 scenario for Wrestlemania? Daniel Bryan vs Triple H and if Bryan wins he gets a title shot later that night against the winner of Orton vs Bootista.

As I have said on audio, I would be 100 percent fine with that and it would keep the crowd from hijacking the show.

I thought the WWE Network was going to have ALL the old Raw and Nitro shows yet it seems like they'll be playing them on their timetable. What's the deal? Shouldn't it be like a Netflix/Redbox set up where I can pick and choose what I want to watch?

They had said that they would be in the beginning but haven't delivered on it at the onset. I expect it will come in time, we will just have to wait for it.

With the awesome match on NXT Arrival between Paige and Emma, why can we not get diva matches like that on the main roster?! I would love to see A.J. Lee throw out an open challenge and have Paige answer it. Your thoughts?

It was awesome, for sure. It will all come down to whether Vince McMahon changes his view on what "Divas matches" should be. He sets the course.

Why is it that the Divas product is, from what I've seen, far superior on NXT than what we get on Raw and Smackdown? From the limited exposure I've had with NXT, the Divas matches I've watched, I've actually enjoyed, while on the main shows, I'm just hoping no one gets seriously hurt most of the time.

NXT presents them as women's wrestling matches, where the women work hard. WWE doesn't. It's that simple.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.

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