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By Mike Johnson on 2014-03-01 09:00:00
This is kinda a two part question, but here goes. I recently watched ECW Wrestlepalooza 1998 on the WWE Network, and for one, was Shane Douglas as injured as they were saying he was? And secondly, any reason on why the Bam Bam Bigelow vs New Jack match was cut?

Douglas was indeed as injured as they said he was. He was actually so hurt that he couldn't fly and was driven from Pittsburgh to Georgia.

One has to assume the violence is the reason the New Jack matches are cut. We are hoping to get a WWE comment on this.

It's day 4 now and I'm still not able to even log in to WWE Network on my Xbox 360. I search twitter and google by the hour. Same thing for everybody. Reports say it's Microsoft's fault but this is a partnership. It's equally WWE's fault too. How in the hell can 1 of the most popular gaming consoles in history drop the ball so badly on one of the most anticipated things ever in pop culture. I know you guys don't work for either. I'm just venting frustration and I want to be able to watch NXT Arrival tonight on my 42 inch flat screen and not on my damn iPhone or laptop. Sorry for ranting but if you guys hear any updates on this issue (it's hitting a good chunk of WWE fans) please let us know. I check PWI a few times a day for my wrestling information. You do a great job. Thanks

WWE has stated they hope the XBox issues will be fixed by this Monday. Hang in there.

I'm hoping you can clarify something about the WWE Network and NXT. Will NXT only air on the Network going forward or will it still show up on Hulu? Thanks for all you guys do, I've been following you since the Daily Lariat days.

Thus far, it will also air on Hulu but one has to think that is due to contractual obligations and once they get to the point they can make it a Network exclusive, they will.

Do you think TNA should return to the 6-sided ring as well as the red & yellow colors?

No, they've made their bed and shouldn't go backwards. It is what it is.

I read an updated card of the upcoming 3/8 TNA Lockdown pay per view and it listed some of the matches. One of them was a match between Madison Rayne facing Knockout champion Gail Kim. I thought Rayne was KO champ. Will the match be a title bout? Will it be inside a cage?

Yes and Yes.

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