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By Chris H. on 2014-03-01 09:40:47

A breakdown on edits of PPV events on the WWE Network that I've discovered:

WWE's 1997 UK PPV (One Night Only) is the edited home video version that WWE released towards the end of '97 and cut down to 2 hours.  It omits 3 matches, including the Bret Hart vs. Undertaker match that WWE mentions in the description underneath the video player.  This is very strange because in 2012, the full 3-hour show was aired on the Classics On Demand channel.
New Jack's matches on ECW PPVs have been edited out (with the lone exception of his bout with Mustafa at Living Dangerously 1999).  His return to ECW at Heat Wave 1999 (running in and attacking the Dudleys) has also been removed.  His run-ins into other wrestlers' matches on other ECW PPVs are still least for now.
The Network's airings of The Big Event 1986, King of the Ring 1993-1997, SummerSlam 1995-1997, and several In Your Houses are all taken from the Coliseum Video releases rather than the live versions.
WCW Bash at the Beach 1996 is WCW's home video release that omits footage of a fan run-in after Hulk Hogan's heel turn.  Whenever WWE has put that match on a WWE Home Video release, the fan run-in has been included, so they are in possession of the live PPV version.
WCW Halloween Havoc 1990 is the Turner Home Entertainment home video release that was reduced from 3 hours to 2.
Most of the WCW theme music that Jimmy Hart wrote is included on the WCW PPVs(Wolfpac, 3 Count, Disco Inferno).  However, some of Hart's other WCW music has been edited out and replaced (DDP's "Self High Five" theme, Shane Douglas's 2000-01 theme).  This makes very little sense because WWE did not do this to any of Hart's WCW music when WCW footage aired on Classics On Demand.
On SummerSlam 1991, the song "Together" (written by Jim Johnston and Jimmy Hart) during the Randy Savage and Elizabeth video before their wedding has been replaced by different music.  So believe it or not, WWE dubbed over one of their own, in-house songs.
Several shows still have "WWF" references edited out even though that was supposed to be a non-issue after 2012.

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