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By Mike Johnson on 2014-02-28 09:00:00
After watching the new (and certainly not improved) Robocop, it got me thinking...was it actually the actor Peter Weller underneath the suit when Robocop appeared at the WCW PPV Capitol Combat in 1990? If not, do you know who it was?

You mean there really isn't a Robocop?? You've broken my heart! It was just an actor hired to do the promotional appearance. The entire thing was a promotional deal to push the theatrical release of Robocop 2.

Funny story about that PPV. I remember being in High School when that show took place and the next day, someone in my class was complaining he paid for it and Robocop didn't wrestle. I remember thinking that was the funniest thing - that he thought Robocop was going to wrestle. Anyway, it was funny to me!

Are these companies [like Dish] that are boycotting WWE as a sort of revenge not publicly traded companies? If they did 1,000 sales at $35.00 profit then they just cost their shareholders $350,000 less the start up costs which would be nowhere near that amount. Dish will clearly do more than 1000. I'd be screaming if I had shares.

It all depends on the company but the reality is WWE agreed to a term and then changed that term, so you can't blame the cable companies for being upset about it.

What if all cable providers decide to drop WWE PPV's after WrestleMania because of the network and then the network is a failure. Do you think the cable providers will go crawling back to the WWE? And what does it do to the PPV's if the network doesn't do as good as WWE hopes it does?

If the Network fails (which it won't because WWE will force it to succeed), they'll work with the cable companies again - but the terms will be far more in favor of the cable companies.

So apparently Daniel Bryan is the greatest thing since sliced bread. So if jobbing gets the so called universe annoyed, should Barry Horowitz be king too?

It's not Bryan losing that upsets the audience, but the fact he's not given a chance to be the guy.

Whatever happened to Hugh Morris? Is he dead?

He's not dead. He's in Orlando as the head Coach of WWE NXT.

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