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By Brian Frederick & C.G. on 2014-02-28 00:16:25
C.G. sent the following....I had tickets for WWE NXT tonight and like a good 100+, I was not able to gain entry into the show. WWE and Full Sail ridiculously oversold the show, to say the least. To make matters worse, it too the staff over an hour to figure out how to handle the situation. In the end, they gave us a t-shirt, a comp ticket to return and a NXT Arrival Lanyard. Sort of funny that they had more lanyards than they had seats.

Brian Frederick sent the following live notes from the show:

I attended WWE NXT Arrival at Full Sail University tonight and just wanted to pass along a few notes.

First off, getting into the event was a mess. For the majority of us who had General Admission tickets, a wristband was also needed to get in. Unfortunately most of the crowd who'd been waiting for hours didn't know that. It wasn't listed anywhere, and most of us only caught wind of it from other people in the crowd. As a result, not only did a lot of people get turned away from the event, but a lot of those turned away had been waiting in the crowd the longest.

For any of the shots of the crowd of the legends (Flair, Cena, Orange County Mayor, etc) the legend (and mayor) were moved into position right before the shot, and left right after. It's likely always done like that, but it was kind of funny how they made it seem like a lot of big names were actually in the crowd.

Cesaro has a new shirt which is a take off of a gaudy nature shirt with a wicked bald eagle on it. It sold out before night's end.

The crowd was hot all night.

Cena limped into the ring after the show and put over the boys, the crowd, and the event. Production tried to close the night with his theme, but in a cool move, Cena said that Neville deserved to close the show, so they played his theme out. Classy move.

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