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By Mike Johnson on 2014-02-27 09:00:00
My question concerns former wwwf champion pedro morales. With all the legends returning and being inducted into the hall of fame there is never any mention of him. Does he just not want to have anything to do with the wrestling business or is there some bad blood between him and vince.

There is no bad blood. Unfortunately, Morales' health isn't the best these days and he chooses not to make public appearances.

I have heard a lot of rumors in reguards to why the Ultimate Warrior had different colored titles. First rumor was that he wasn't responsable and would leave them places and the WWE would replace them. The second is that since Warrior was colorful and explosive that they would change out the plates on the belt and place them on different colored straps. Which one is true? If not any of those then why did they do that?

It was just an idea where they wanted the belt to match his different colorful outfits, nothing more.

Will NXT Arrival air live on the Score in Canada in it's usual Thursday night spot or is it an WWE Network exclusive?

It's a Network exclusive, although some of the material will eventually be shown on the NXT TV series in other markets.

Oftentimes, you hear about guys 'not being safe' in the ring and being dangerous thus potentially causing harm to others. My question is this: am I the only one who has noticed that Big E Langston has now caused three guys (Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and someone else who I forget) and himself to bleed hard way in the space of about 4 months? Has anyone else said this? Is he dangerous or has he just been unlucky?

Langston is definitely rough around the edges in the ring. It's not you. He's only been doing this a few years and he's doing a physical style, so it's to be expected.

What's the latest on WWE Diva star Layla?

Still under contract but not currently being utilized. There's no timetable for her to return currently.

Do you think Sinclair Broadcasting should do a deal with a national cable network for broadcasting ROH shows? One network I think would want to make a deal is AXS TV (formerly HDNet). This network did business with ROH in the past. I don't think Sinclair's current business model of syndication on only their networks is helping the growth of ROH.

When ROH was on HDNet, it didn't help the company grow one iota, so no, I don't think they should be there. The current business model is helping ROH. They are actually drawing crowds commensurate to what they used to draw in Philly and other Northeast markets in the Sincair TV markets. It's slow but steady growth.

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