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By Josh Higham on 2014-02-23 23:08:00
DGUSA in Brooklyn, NY at the Lyceum results:

Caleb Konley forced Tim Donst to quit to the O-Face.

Blake Edward Belakus defeated Jay Freddie in another New Talent Initiative match. Larry Dallas came out to recruit both men, but both competitors left, ignoring him.

Yosuke Santa Maria (a Dragon Gate wrestler with an exotico look) defeated Ethan Page.

Jigsaw was able to roll up Fire Ant out of nowhere to get the win, even after Fire Ant hit a Beach Break on the apron.

The Premier Athlete Brand (Anthony Nese and Trent Baretta w/ Mr. A and Su Yung) defeated Shane Strickland and Rich Swann (w/ Ivelisse). Su Yung announced they were looking to expand the Premier Athlete Brand, but Rich Swann is not good enough. Swann replied, suggesting he and Su Yung had an intimate moment the previous night.

Returning from intermission, The Bravado Brothers, the current Open the United Gate champions, came to the ring accompanied by two random guys, later identified as Earl Cooter and Xavier Fate. Harlem said the previous tag match should have been thrown out since no one was following the rules, and when no one follows the rules, people get hurt. Harlem reiterated that their defenses would not be held under normal Dragon Gate rules, and tags and holding the tag ropes would be required. Harlem then introduced Moose, the “offensive line” of the Bravado Bandwagon. Moose is Quinn Ojinnaka, a former NFL lineman.

Moose defeated Earl Cooter and Xavier Fate, in an impromptu handicap match, pinning Fate after a TKO into an uranage. Then, Harlem ran down Orange Cassidy, who suffered a concussion last night, which brought out Drew Gulak and Chuck Taylor, and we are underway with the Bravados vs. the Gentlemen’s Club.

The Bravado Brothers defeated The Gentlemen’s Club with a Gentlemen’s Agreement. Harlem was close to tapping to Drew Gulak’s Trailblazer, when a distraction by Lancelot allowed Moose to spear Gulak, setting up the double team finisher.

Chris Hero defeated AR Fox with a dragon sleeper to win the Evolve Championship. They showed Trent Baretta watching the match from the crowd; Baretta will face Hero at one of the New Orleans events. Post-match, Fox and Hero embraced, but Baretta had a mic, starting to run down Hero and his win, stating that Claudio’s headlining a WWE pay-per-view when it could have been Hero, if Hero would ever eat a salad. With Hero distracted by Baretta in the balcony, Anthony Nese and Mr. A attacked. AR Fox attempted to make the save, but was intercepted by Caleb Konley, the newest member of Premier Athlete Brand. Real good strong-style match with tons of false finishes, and great angle afterward to set up the New Orleans events.

Open the Freedom Gate Champion Johnny Gargano defeated Roderick Strong with a GargaNo Escape to retain the title. Midway through the match, Rich Swann came out and invited the fans to surround the ring to give the match an awesome European fight club/WXW feel. After the match, Gargano took a mic, telling the fans that booing him is like booing kids with cancer, because “this belt cures cancer.” Swann took the mic from Johnny, telling him he made the fans surround the ring so that he’d have nowhere to run. Swann tells Johnny that in New Orleans, he’s gonna kick his ass, Cima’s gonna kick his ass, and Ricochet’s gonna kick his ass, so much that he can say goodbye to the title, as Gargano frantically searched for a way out. The fans started the Na na na hey hey goodbyes, before Johnny Gargano was able to escape the ring finally.

Notes: Brandon Tolle and Mike Kehner were the referees for most of the event. Bryce Remsburg refereed the first match, before joining Lenny Leonard on commentary. Lenny Leonard did double duty as ring announcer as well. They return to the Queens and Brooklyn areas May 9 and 10.

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