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By Dave Scherer on 2014-02-26 09:00:00

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Do you think with the new WWE Network will it hurt TNA in PPV's numbers or will it do better.On one hand people will be paying only $10 a month to watch WWE PPV's so they have extra money to spend on a TNA PPV or would most people think that if they are paying $10 for a WWE PPV why should they spend more to watch a TNA PPV?

I think if they have any effect, it will be minimal. I think if anything, people will get more than enough from WWE for 10 dollars.

Obviously Jeff Jarrett's new promotion will be no threat to WWE, and although it is probably way too early to measure anything, how big of a threat to you see Jarrett's new venture possibly being to TNA?

If he gets a TV slot, it could be a big threat. If they two companies have relative amounts of money to spend on talent, then the wrestlers will finally have a choice. It will be interesting to follow.

In the Bella video explaining the WWE Network they said you need to have a HDMI cord hooked up. Do you know if that is absolutely necessary to watch the network or is it only to watch it in HD?

That is the standard to stream out from a laptop to a TV. I also know that HDMI carries audio and video signals. But if you have an Apple Product and APPLE TV you should be able to send the picture to your TV wirelessly. It's Sunday and I haven't seen how the app works yet on an APPLE product.

Considering Brock Lesnar's limited work schedule and that he doesn't show up on every Raw or Smackdown do think that wwe missed an opportunity by not having him win the Money in the Bank briefcase? The announcers could put over the idea that the champion could have to deal with the Beast at any time,on any show,at any venue. Plus being who Heyman is you know he would love to taunt the champion with this as well. It would give added meaning to not missing a show. Thoughts?

Honestly, I think he is well beyond the briefcase and that concept. He doesn't need it in my opinion. Brock is a destruction machine. He doesn't play mind games.

With Kurt Angle's TNA contract reportedly expiring in a few months, do you see much chance of him re-signing there, given TNA's recent jettisoning of most of the other higher-paid talent? Is the time ripe for a WWE return, which Angle has often mentioned an interest in, given that he's recently cleaned up some of the personal issues that led to his departure?

At this point, it could go either way. Both places have their draws for Angle, for sure. I would need to know how close he is to retiring. If it's close, I think he would lean towards having one more run in WWE.

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