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By Dave Scherer on 2014-02-24 09:59:00

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In a note from yesterday, this what the Network FAQ says about encores of Raw and SmackDown: "The Best of Raw and SmackDown from 2012 and 2013 will be available on WWE Network."

I had a quick question that I was hoping you could clear up for me. I work third shift, so obviously I'm unable to watch the PPVs live on the Network. Will WWE be making them available on-demand immediately following the broadcast, allowing me to watch it when I get home in the morning, or are they going to wait a few days? Beginning with Wrestlemania, of course, as Elimination Chamber was not included on their list of launch PPVs. I'm assuming it will be immediate, I just wanted to make sure.

They have said that they will be immediately once they start, like it you get home 15 minutes after it starts you can watch from the beginning. Yes, it will begin with Mania.

With so many legend returning for WM30 and several expressing an interest in wrestling (even if just briefly or gimmicky) why are they insisting they pass standardized physicals through WWE doctors? Has discretion to use performers who failed the physical but those in power still want to use been limited because the company is now publicly traded? Does Vince still have the power to say "Well OK Hogan, Piper, and Jake the Snake all failed our doctors physical, but they want to perform, I and others want to see some sort of match and after some practice runs I believe they can do it. So I am adding a legends match within a capacity I am comfortable with at WM30." Could he (or others in authority) make such a decision despite a failed physical or have times changed and has such discretion taken away from them?

Everyone signed to a talent contract has to pass the talent's Wellness Test before signing a contract. However, people in management or those signed to a non-Talent contract do not have to.

There are reports of both Sting and Hogan returning to become GM's. Whilst the GM role has been pointless in recent years I reckon this could result in an interesting dynamic, it could also result in a brand split again - something I personally think is needed. Do you think either one of them as a GM would work, or could you see a brand split with both of them as GM's?

I am personally really sick of the whole GM concept. I didn't like Hogan in the role for TNA and I doubt I would here either. Occasional authority figure, fine. GM as an intregal part of every show? It has run its course to me. I guess it could work, I just don't want to see it.

My question is about Hogan returning. Why should anyone care? This isn't like the Rock who was out of wrestling for years so when he came back it was special. Hogan has been doing his thing in TNA and so anyone that really wanted to watch him could have done so every week. So looking at TNA’s ratings it appears no one really wanted to watch him.

To be fair, most WWE fans don't watch TNA. They may not even know it exists. To them, what Hogan did there doesn't matter at all. So if they don't watch TNA, they haven't see him in years. And let's give him his due, he is an all-time legend. There is definitely value in bringing him back.

What if all cable providers decide to drop WWE PPV's after WrestleMania because of the network and then the network is a failure. Do you think the cable providers will go crawling back to the WWE? And what does it do to the PPV's if the network doesn't do as good as WWE hopes it does?

Crawling? No, if the Network fails the PPV providers would have a better position than WWE does to negotiate a new deal. At the end of the day, it would be in the providers best interest to sell the PPVs and make money so I believe they would take them back. If the network doesn't do as well, and their deals with the providers are show to show, WWE could always start offering the PPVs online for say $24.99. They would cut out the middleman and get about the same cut.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.

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