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By Dave Scherer on 2014-02-23 09:59:00

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When Big E was wrestling Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre on Raw last week, I wasn't seeing a "star" in Big E, I see it in Drew McIntyre. I know he had his issues with his ex-wife during that Summerslam weekend but, that was nearly 4 years ago now.. I mean, they are divorced, she no longer works there, why is he not being used correctly? He has a good look, and for a guy his size he can bump and feed like no other, and is also a great worker.. You get the sense that he has "ring general" like qualities.. I wish WWE would do a reboot with him or something because the guy is extremely talented.. Am I the only one or one of the only few who sees this? I know a lot of guys get misused or whatnot but, you would think that he would be in a better position than this.. I almost wish he'd go to TNA just to get a "fresh coat of paint" so to speak.

I am not ready to bury Big E by any means but I would like to see McIntyre get a decent chance to show what he can do, and I am not talking about a Bad News type gimmick either. He is making more money in WWE than TNA but I hear ya, I would like to see him get a shot.

After watching Daniel Bryan get beat up this week and playing up the injured shoulder, I am wondering if he will be taken out of the Elimination Chamber match. Jmo, but with all the talk of Sting signing with WWE, I think it would be insane if they substituted Sting for Bryan in the Elimination chamber and had Sting walk out the new WWE champ. I don't think he needs a long run. Just a couple of weeks to make a big initial impact.

It would be insane to do both frankly, though it reads like you think making Sting the champ on his debut is a good idea. If so, no. That would be a really bad idea. Bryan is who WWE fans are behind right now. At his age, Sting is at best an attraction. And there is no way WWE brings him in from TNA and puts the WWE belt on him. None.

If Hogan comes out and gives us the tired gimmick asking whatcha you gonna do blah blah blah, do you think the fans will boo him out of the building? Does anybody really want to see him flex and pose for 30 minutes acting like its 1988? And do you think the attitude the fans have shown recently started with Orton/Shemus on Raw last year after Mania, by that I mean a rejection of the same old crap being shoved down our throats. Do you also know how Vince reacted when he realized the fans didn't care that Batista came back or is he still in denial?

Hogan is a legend so he will get a grace period to do the greatest hits bit but yes it doesn't have a long shelf life. I think they will have to be careful with that and making him a host of Mania is a good way to use him. Vince didn't sell Batista's reactions but he did change his plans for Daniel Bryan so he definitely reacted to it.

I've heard different things from different sources, so I need an answer once and for all: will the WWE Network be available for the Apple TV?

Just listen to the one that matters, WWE. They say yes.

Much has been asked about the debut of WWE Network. Has anything been said about the actual broadcast of Raw and SmackDown on the network, obviously not live, but similar to the Hulu deal they currently have?

Yes, WWE has said that replays of the shows will air on the Network. They haven't said when or how long after they air on cable yet.

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