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By Mike Johnson on 2014-02-21 09:15:17
Jimm McShane sent the following:

This morning on Kare 11 (NBC) in Minnesota, Kane made an appearance to promote Elimination Chamber at the Target Center. The most interesting part of the interview came when Kane was asked how Brock Lesnar "fits into all of this." Kane didn't answer right away, and the interviewer asked if Brock is still with WWE or not. Kane clarified that Brock is with the company, and also said Lesnar will be at the pay-per-view.

On the other hand, the guy interviewing Kane was under the impression that Kane would be in the Elimination Chamber match himself, and Kane didn't even bother correcting him. So I'm not sure if he was letting info slip out about Brock, or just trying to end the interview.

It was on Kare 11 this morning at about 5:50 AM local time.

Note from Mike: As I have been writing for several weeks, it was very odd not to have Brock booked for a PPV in Minneapolis, since he's a Minnesota boy. I really expect some sort of major angle with Brock and Paul Heyman at the Chamber PPV. If you read my Raw Thoughts column from earlier this week, you can check out my gut feeling on where they may be going.

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