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By Stuart Carapola on 2014-02-20 23:00:00
Welcome to the Impact Wrestling Report here on!

After a graphic comes on screen in tribute to the late Nelson Frazier, we see a video package looking at the build to tonight's Magnus-Gunner title match, including comments from Gunner about wanting to be a World Champion his entire life, and then we go backstage where Dixie Carter is assuring Brutus Magnus of something being a done deal. Magnus has his doubts, but Dixie's sick of hearing it. Magnus rallies the troops, and Ethan Carter III is reluctant, but agrees to go along with the plan to let Magnus do the talking. Riveting stuff.

Magnus and Dixie head to the ring and call MVP out to the ring so they can make an announcement. Mike reminds us of the seven days MVP gave Dixie to answer him about the Lethal Lockdown challenge, and Magnus tells MVP that he's not impressed that MVP spent nine years in jail. He promises that if MVP ever got in the ring with him, nine years would seem like nothing compared to nine minutes in the ring with the champion. The crowd reminds Magnus that he's a paper champion, but MVP mocks him for putting himself over by telling everyone that he's the champ, because a real champion has people pointing at him and going "There's the champ." MVP wants an answer from Dixie Carter about Lethal Lockdown, and Magnus announces that they will accept MVP's challenge. Magnus regrets that he won't be in the match because he'll be busy defending the title against Samoa Joe, but MVP calls him out for looking past Gunner. Magnus starts to say that he'll make MVP his bitch, and MVP warns him not to say it, but Magnus says it anyway, so MVP starts kicking his ass. Ethan Carter III runs out to jump MVP from behind and they beat MVP down 2-on-1. We see security holding the Wolves back to keep them from helping MVP, but Gunner runs in to make the save instead, and he chases Magnus and EC3 off. The Wolves cut them off as they try to escape, so Magnus throws EC3 to the Wolves (so to speak) and runs off while Davey thrust kicks EC3 in the gut. The Wolves get in the ring and celebrate with MVP and Gunner.

We see a video package looking back at the recent history between Dixie Carter and Bobby Roode, then we see Roode arriving at the building and getting interrogated by the mystery cameraman as soon as he walks in. The cameraman asks about the rumors about his career going forward, but Roode says he'll say what he has to say in the ring.

EC3 barges in on Magnus in the dressing room to confront him about throwing him to the Wolves. Magnus says that EC3 needs to settle down and do what's right for his Aunt Dee's business, so EC3 says he sees Magnus' true colors, then mockingly tells Magnus not to worry because he's got his back.

Samoa Joe comes out and says that he'll face the winner between Magnus and Gunner at Lockdown, but he's free tonight to face any member of Dixieland who wants to come down and get in the ring with him. Zema Ion and the Bromans come out and surround Joe, so he says he'll make it easy and take on all three of them.

Samoa Joe vs Zema Ion & The Bromans

Joe beats up all three opponents, but gets caught while trying to go for the Muscle Buster on Ion and is beaten down by all three men, Zema and Robbie hold Joe so Jessie can drill him with a dropkick, then Zema hits a moonsault for 2. They drill Joe with a triple kneestrike in the corner, but Joe kicks out of a cover by Ion at 2. Joe pulls Jessie and Robbie in the way of a missile dropkick from Zema, and Joe proceeds to tear through all three opponents. Joe wipes the Bromans out with a dive through the ropes, plants Zema in the ring with the STJoe, hits the Muscle Buster, and chokes Zema out with the Kokina Clutch.

Winner: Samoa Joe

Made Joe look strong, but he just beat the TNA World Tag Team Champions AND a third partner by himself, and that kind of devalues the title in my opinion.

Christy Hemme is backstage chatting with a crew member, and she walks off as Samuel Shaw sneaks up behind the crew member and gets him around the neck in a choke. He shushes the guy as he drags him across the room, then smashes his face into the garage door and then a packing crate. He picks up the microphone Christy handed the stagehand and sniffs it. I wonder if he learned his stalking moves from YRG?

We hear that Kurt Angle will be inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame next week, then we go backstage as Bobby Roode is telling James Storm of all people about how the business can eat you alive, and he never felt like he could trust anyone and wound up pushing everyone away and it just got to be too much for him. Roode says that he and Storm have had their ups and downs, but the bad stuff is on him, and he can't erase what he did, but the Beer Money stuff was special and he realizes now that Storm was the only guy he could ever trust. Storm warns Roode not to go out there and do what he thinks he's going to do, and tells Roode to go out there and smack people in the face if he's got a problem with it. Storm says they knew what this business was when they got into it, and nobody is responsible for their actions in this business except them. They stand up and hug, and Roode thanks Storm and leaves.

Austin Aries comes into MVP's half an office and asks MVP why he's been asked in. MVP wants Aries to be the anchor on his team at Lethal Lockdown, and Aries asks what's in it for him if he does it because the company hasn't done well by him even though he's heard the promises before. MVP says he can't affect the past, but he promises positive changes if he gets control of TNA going forward. Aries says MVP has always been a straight shooter and he'll think about it.

We see a video package full of heels breaking kayfabe by talking about how great the UK fans are and how aweosme it is to go there each year. This leads to a video clip of Madison Rayne and Gail Kim getting into a fight at one point on the tour, and this leads right into our next match.

Knockouts Streetfight: Madison Rayne vs Gail Kim

Madison jumps Gail in the aisle and pounds on her with a cookie tin before bringing her back to the ring to dish out more punishment. Gail turns the tide and unloads with some of her martial arts kicks, then chokes Madison with a Kendo stick. Gail goes for a spinning toehold, but Madison kicks her off and into a metal sheet that was wedged between the ropes in the corner. Madison dives off the apron, but Lei'D Tapa catches her in midair and rams her spine into the ring apron. Gail gets Madison in the ringpost figure four, and the referee counts for some reason even though this is a streetfight. Gail comes at Madison with a chair, but Madison kicks it back in Gail's face. Madison spears Gail, then nails Tapa when she gets in the ring. She nails Tapa with the Kendo stick and Tapa no-sells it, so Madison picks up a chair and winds up, but Gail comes out of nowhere to nail Madison with the Knockouts Title belt and covers her for the win.

Winner: Gail Kim

Looks like Gail got a bloody nose somewhere during that closing sequence. Good match.

Christy Hemme is still wandering around backstage, and now she's chit-chatting with Ken Anderson, who's showing her pictures of his kids. Samuel Shaw wanders by and sees her talking to him and gets angry and walks off.

We see a video package looking at Gunner's childhood and the decision to join the Marine Corps. His parents give comments as they talk about how he always wanted to be a wrestler from the time he was a little kid, and how his time in the Marines helped him build the personal qualities he needed to make it in the business. Gunner's wife gives comments about how great it was when she heard that he signed with TNA, and then Gunner talks about how he was never handed anything, and had nights where his payoff for driving 20 hours to wrestle was a hot dog and some nachos, but all he wanted to do was wrestle and become the champion and be remembered as the best. Awesome video package with some really powerful stuff, and it really put tonight over as the biggest night of Gunner's life.

James Storm catches up with Gunner backstage and asks for a word with him. They walk off, then we see Bobby Roode walking backstage. We'll find out what's on his mind...NEXT!

We look back at two weeks ago when Ethan Carter III attacked Kurt Angle, but nonetheless, he will be inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame next week. I'm sure nothing will go awry there. The mystery cameraman catches up with EC3 to ask him about Kurt's induction, and EC3 says that Kurt is perhaps the greatest wrestler of all time, he'll allow everyone to break some kind of news to the world at his induction ceremony.

James Storm is asking Gunner if he's ready, then tells him that this is his moment, and after all the hard work he's put in, tonight's the payoff. Gunner says this is for everyone who believed in him, and all his buddies from the Marine Corps who never made it home to chase their dreams. Storm tells him to stop thinking about everyone else and to think about himself here, because there's no feeling like having that World Title in his hands. Gunner says there's one more thing he wants to do before the match tonight, and he hands the briefcase with the tag title shot to Storm and says that after he wins the World Title tonight, they'll get their tag title back as well. He tells Storm to hold onto it for now, and Storm walks off as Gunner goes back to getting ready.

Bobby Roode comes out to the ring and says he's spent 11 years in Impact Wrestling, and he's been proud to call it his home. He says we all have aspirations to grow up and do something big, and he's lived his dream by becoming a wrestler and performing (PERFORMING??? AAAAGGGGGGHHHHHH) in front of great fans like the TNA fans. He's also done things in his career that he's not proud of, and if we thought he was a ruthless SOB out here, they should have seen him backstage when he was burning bridges and destroying alliances. He can't change any of what he did, so he's going to change his future. Tonight is Roode's last night as a professional wrestler (sure it is), and the crowd chants NO at him, but Roode says he can't do it anymore because he hates himself and the way he's had to put up with Dixie Carter's crap. He has to walk away, but before he goes, he wants to do something he's never done in his career, and that's to thank the fans. Roode drops the mic and starts to leave, but Dixie Carter comes out and tells Roode that he doesn't get to decide when he leaves because he has a contract with TNA, and Dixie decides when he can leave. Roode says he doesn't want to be here anymore, but Dixie says he doesn't get to make that call. Jeff Hardy, Sting, and AJ Styles caused her nothing but problems and she didn't want any of them in her company, but she needs Roode. Roode asks if she needs him to save her champion again, but Dixie apologizes because of all the stuff she's had to deal with like MVP. Roode says he doesn't want to be here anymore, but Dixie asks him what else he's going to do because wrestling is in his blood. Dixie says Lockdown is important to her career, and she needs a captain who wants to win that match as much as she does, and asks him to captain her team. Roode asks why he should trust her after all the broken promises, but she says this isn't about a title shot, this is about winning and she offers him 10% ownership in TNA if he takes the spot and wins. Dixie tells Roode to get his own lawyers to write up the contract if he wants and she'll sign it, and he thinks about it for a good long time as the fans chant NO at him, but Roode tells her that she has a deal. She shakes his hand, but he pulls her in and says that if she screws him over again, he'll dedicate the rest of his life to destroying hers.

Jeremy Borash is backstage with "Bad Bones", a fan who won the online Gut Check contest, and Anderson and Christy are standing in the background as I realize right away this is going to end with Samuel Shaw attacking Anderson. Bad Bones starts to say stuff in German when, sure enough, Samuel Shaw runs in and attacks Anderson, knocking Christy out in the process. Shaw picks the unconscious Christy up and walks off with her, and who the hell knows what they have in mind next for this stupid angle.

Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian are backstage and ecstatic over Roode's decision, but Roode says he needs them to go out to the ring and prove themselves because he needs to have the best in the business on his team.

The Wolves vs Bad Influence

I'd like to officially request that some indy promoter somewhere book these two teams to go 45 minutes or so, then send me the DVD to review. Thank you very much. Eddie and Kazarian start us off and do some basic feeling out stuff and wind up at a stalemate. Daniels cheapshots Eddie from the apron, then tags himself in and suckerpunches Davey. This only pisses the Wolves off, and they proceed to pound the snot out of Daniels with a series of double teams. Davey slams Daniels and goes to the top rope, Kazarian tries to interfere and gets nailed by Davey. Davey goes for the charging kick across the apron, but Kazarian dodges and Daniels charges Davey and knocks him to the floor. Kazarian rams Davey into the apron and comes inside to cover him for 2. Kazarian gets a three quarter nelson, Davey gets out, but gets caught with a leg larait by Kazarian. Davey is in the wrong part of town and winds up on the receiving end of a lot of punishment before he nails Daniels with an enziguiri and tags out to Eddie. Edwards comes in and boots Kazarian out to the floor, then hammers Daniels with Kawada chops in the corner. Eddie hits the backpack driver and covers Daniels, but Kazarian makes the save at 2. Davey takes Kazarian out as Daniels nails Eddie and goes for the BME. Eddie moves and Daniels lands on his feet, but Eddie pops Daniels up for Davey to nail him with the Alarm Clock, then Davey slips out to the apron and drills Kazarian with the running kick to the chest. Eddie comes off the top with a double stomp to Daniels' back, then Davey comes off with a double stomp of his own and Eddie covers for the win.

Winners: The Wolves

Davey has blood running out of his mouth as he raises his hands to the crowd.

Samuel Shaw brings Christy somewhere remote in the backstage area and lays her down on a packing crate. She wakes up and asks what happened, and Shaw holds her by the shoulders and tells "princess" to relax.

We get another video package warning us that Willow is coming to TNA, then we see a video package of Magnus similar to the one we got earlier with Gunner. Magnus says that people wrongly assume that he came from the big city and had everything handed to him, but he worked for everything he has, and he's not apologetic for being on his boss' team. He asserts that he's the best there is, and that Gunner is just a wrestler.

Gunner and Brutus Magnus are both backstage, and they're...WALKING! The main event is up next!

We get word that next week will see Bobby Roode take on MVP in a battle of Lethal Lockdown team captains, and then...IT'S MAIN EVENT TIME!

TNA World Title Match: Brutus Magnus vs Gunner

We are informed as the bell rings that this match is being held under Magnus Rules, which means no disqualifications. Okay, so shitloads of interference, got it. Magnus bails out to the floor before making contact and jaws with the fans before slowly climbing back in to circle Gunner. They do some basic feeling out stuff and Gunner generally maintains control throughout the sequence. Magnus gets a side headlock, Gunner picks Magnus up and slams him, but Magnus maintains the headlock. Gunner makes another several unsuccesful escape attempts as Magnus is hanging onto that headlock like a pitbull. Gunner finally shoots Magnus to the ropes and Magnus takes him down with a shoulderblock. Magnus hits the ropes again and now Gunner nails Magnus with a double axhandle. Magnus gets his boot up as Gunner charges him and hits a flying knee that drives Gunner out to the floor. Magnus waves to the back to get his goons to come on out, but James Storm and the Wolves come out to prevent Magnus' buddies from getting involved. We're at commercial.

We're back, and they're fighting over a vertical suplex as I wonder how they're going to screw Gunner in this one. Gunner gets the suplex, but Magnus gets a drop toehold and then locks Gunner in the Camel Clutch. Gunner powers out and backs Magnus into the corner to break the hold, but instead of hitting the big leg (Brother), he gets caught in a sleeper hold. Storm yells at Gunner not to quit, but he's fading out right in the middle of the ring. He recovers just enough to plant Magnus with a back suplex, and the count is going on both men. They both beat the count and trade right hands in the middle of the ring, but Magnus drills Gunner with a kneelift to the breadbasket that shuts Gunner right back down. Magnus hits the Michinoku Driver and heads to the top rope. He hits the flying elbowdrop, but Gunner kicks out at 2, so Magnus goes to the floor and grabs the title belt. He prepares to nail Gunner with it, but Gunner ducks and picks Magnus up for his finish. Magnus escapes and they both hit the ropes and go for stereo crossbody blocks, and both go down. Ethan Carter III, the Bromans, and Zema Ion try to run in, but Storm and the Wolves intercept them and they start brawling up the ramp as Gunner picks Magnus up and powerbombs him. Gunner heads to the top and hits the swandive headbutt, but Spud comes out of nowhere to grab Magnus' leg and put it on the bottom rope to break the count. Gunner goes out after Spud and chases him around ringside and back into the ring where Magnus is waiting and nails him with the belt. Magnus makes a cover, but Gunner kicks out at 2. Storm chases Spud off as Magnus rams Gunner's head into the top turnbuckle, but Gunner no-sells and begins firing back on Magnus, running him over with clothesline and double axhandles. Gunner with a charging knee in the corner and a slingshot suplex, and Storm is pounding on the apron in support as Gunner waits for Magnus to get to his feet, then hits him with a Rock Bottom and then goes to the top. Spud comes into the ring and tries to block Gunner from coming down on Magnus, but Storm dumps him out of the ring and yells at Gunner to get Magnus. The referee turns his back to go after Spud, completely telegraphing the finish in the process. Indeed, Storm superkicks Gunner as he comes off the top rope, then stands idly by and watches as Magnus covers Gunner and gets the three count.

Winner: Brutus Magnus

Magnus doesn't appear to have any idea what just happened, but he takes his belt and runs as Storm stands over his fallen, now former partner and we call it a week.

Thanks for following the Impact Wrestling Report, I'll be back tomorrow to discuss Impact and more with Dave Scherer on the Stu & Pid Show!

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