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By Mike Johnson on 2014-02-20 17:41:44

Wrestling Bus Trips are very happy to announce we will be running a bus trip to CHIKARA's Season 14 Kickoff on Sunday May 25th, 2014 in Palmer, PA at the Rec Center.

The announcement of CHIKARA's return sold out almost immediately but thankfully we have spoken to CHIKARA management and they had added tickets to the event! HOWEVER, even though the event is in May, DO NOT DELAY on purchasing for the bus - this may be the only way to secure your entry to the show.

We will have stops in Queens in Elmhurst, NY and Manhattan in front of the Manhattan Center and then we are off to the CHIKARA return, kicking off their Season 13.

The CHIKARA event will be a 3 PM belltime, so our plan is to get there by 1 PM as all CHIKARA seats are general admission AND CHIKARA will be doing a Fanfest before the show.

We will lock in the time of the pickups shortly.

The price of the trip, which will include your CHIKARA ticket, the round trip travel on our luxury bus (charging stations, air condition, monitors playing CHIKARA action all the way there and back) will be $75 per person.

If you do not require tickets to the show as you have already purchased them, the price is $55.

We are not handling tickets to the Fanfest. You will be able to purchase Fanfest tickets at the door.

For more details and payment information, visit

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