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By Dave Scherer on 2014-02-20 10:00:39

The AJ Styles Phenomenal One Tour
To book AJ Styles contact Bill Behrens
February 21    ROH Philadelphia 12th Anniversary Show National Guard Armory
                   AJ vs Jay Lethal
February 22    Pro Wrestling World  Autographs Allentown,PA 11AM-1PM
February 22    ROH Philadelphia TV taping Show National Guard Armory
                  AJ vs Michael Elgin
February 23    Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling Freeland, PA
                          AJ vs Tommy Suede  
February 28    Preston City Wrestling UK
                          AJ & Lionheart vs Team Single            
March 1           Preston City Wrestling UK
                          AJ vs Lionheart
March 6           WrestleCentre Halifax Forum
                          AJ vs JP Simms
March 8           The Big Event for Highspots 10AM-2PM Flushing, NY Terrace On The Park
March 8           Victory Pro Wrestling Deer Park, NY
                          AJ & VsK vs Keven Tibbs & Dorian Graves
March 14        2CW Binghamton, NY
                         New: AJ  vs. Kevin Steen   (Eddie Edwards has a TNA conflict)
March 15        UWE Harrisburg, PA
                         AJ vs AR Fox
March 21        HTCW Tallapoosa, GA
                         AJ, Slim J & Juan Delgato vs Chip Day, Sylar Cross & Adrian Armor
March 22        Miami Valley Mall Piqua, OH Autographs noon – 2PM
March 22        ROH Dayton, OH Montgomery County Fairgrounds
March 28        NE Wrestling Wrestlefest 18 Waterbury, CT
                          AJ vs Matt Hardy
March 29        PWA Edmonton, ON
                         AJ vs The PWA Original, Marky
April 12           IWC Meadeville, PA Middle School
April 19           ROH Baltimore, MD Myers Pavilion TV Taping
April 26           Remix Pro Marietta, OH
                         AJ vs Façade
April 27           HWA Middletown, OH
                         AJ vs Jamin Olivencia

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