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By Dave Scherer on 2014-02-19 09:59:00

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I had a thought. Maybe a wild one but, something I think would be interesting. Lets say this whole CM Punk scenario is a huge work. They put it out there that he has been released. Daniel Bryan some how makes his way into the Title match at Wrestlemania making it a Triple Threat with him, Batista and Orton. Daniel Bryan is about to win the match and the title and out comes Punk out of nowhere and screws Daniel Bryan and either Orton retains or Batista wins the title. Could you see something like this happening?

Since the Punk situation is not a work, I don't see it happening.  And honestly even if it wasn't a work having Punk do that wouldn't be a good angle in my opinion.

WWE is looking for an increase in their TV deals, saying the provide their live content and trying to package like other destination must watch live TV like NASCAR. However, with the current NBCU setup, Raw is not live to half of the country wired for cable because of the USA Network's west coast feed (satellite gets the east coast feed). Is there any indication that WWE is trying to get their shows live nationwide? I will admit I'm not one to stay up from 9pm-midnight mountain to see an essentially taped show that is ending on the east coast as it starts out here.

It will be up to the broadcaster if they want to do it.  My guess is that they will not do it.  The downside is that in California, starting a show at 5 p.m. costs them viewers.  They don't want to lose those viewers. 

Goldberg vs Hogan on Nitro in 1998 popped a big rating, which helped them beat out Raw for the night and gave the fans at home a great moment. However, it is often cited as a bad move for WCW because of all the millions of dollars they undoubtedly lost in PPV revenue. My question is, why isn't The Rock vs Mankind match when Foley first won the title on Raw viewed in the same way? It was a PPV calibre title match which was given away on free TV, when a first-meeting title match between the two would've no doubt made a stack of cash on PPV. Is it only because Nitro had the infamous "fingerpoke of doom" and Schiavone's unnecessary comments about Foley the same night that means people pour scorn on one TV title match but not the other?

WWE was coming back at that time.  When you are coming back, you need to take more chances.  That one paid off well for them.  

I listened to John Cena on Steve Austin's podcast and I thought he came off great.  I always thought he was a company yes man, but he didn't come off that way.  Has he always been that way?

Cena came off great.  He has always been described as being a good company guy to me, but I agree that I liked that he was honest about the state of WWE.  It is a really good interview to listen to. 

With the WWE Network on the horizon and set to air the pay per views of past, as well as this years Hall of Fame, I ask, will HOF ceremonies of previous years be available as well?

Yes, it will be airing on the Network.

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