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By Dave Scherer on 2014-02-18 09:59:00

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About yesterday's CM Punk question, Mike S., who is a lawyer, sent this: As an attorney who happens to be a wrestling fan and avid PWInsider reader, I felt compelled to clarify something that appeared in your Q&A regarding CM Punk's contract. Specific performance is an equitable remedy whereby a court orders the breaching party to perform his or her contractual obligations. Courts do not grant specific performance for service contracts because that would be tantamount to compelling involuntary servitude in violation of the Thirteenth Amendment. In other words, courts cannot force people to perform work they don't want to do. However, a court could grant an injunction ordering CM Punk to refrain from performing anywhere else until his contract with WWE expired.

Any chance there is a MITB match at WM (even though it has it's own PPV now). Seems like an easy solution to the Bryan problem. Have him win and then cash it in after the Orton/ Batista match to end the show on a high.

I haven't heard of them considering it but that doesn't mean they won't. Personally, I don't think that would be enough to satisfy the vocal fans.

Here's a thought on the Punk situation no one has brought up yet, and I would like to get your thoughts on it. Several years ago, Vince trolled the fans in Calgary by having HBK come out to the ring, and in the middle of his promo, they played Bret Hart's music (this is obviously prior to Bret Hart came back to the WWE). Could you see them doing the same to the Chicago fans? I think it would be risky as Punk walking out just occurred, and the Bret Hart troll happened about 5-10 years after Bret left WWE. I can actually see Vince doing that if Vince and Punk do not come to some type of agreement by Raw: ChiTown.

If Punk is not there abd Vince compounds that by doing what you said, it would be a huge, huge mistake.

There were recently reports online that a recent buyout attempt of TNA by Toby Keith & Jeff Jarrett failed due to Bob Carter enforcing as part of the deal, Dixie Carter would be kept on both behind the scenes and as on air performer. Can you confirm these rumours? If true then Dixie has proved right there that she is looking out for herself and her 'TV Career' opposed to the health of TNA.

All I can confirm is that we heard that story too. I have definitely been told that between Bob and Janice Carter, the mother is more dollar and cents oriented while the father is more about living a dream. So it wouldn't surprise me if it were 100 percent true. And if it is, Jarrett and Keith made the right move walking away. You can't buy a company with that kind of stipulation.

Do you ever see Shane McMahon coming back to wrestling? If he had not left WWE, do you think he would have had any effect in shaping the creative direction in a more positive direction than it is now?

He is doing very well for himself with his company right now so if he does, it won't be any time soon. Down the road, you never know.

Once Daniel Bryan finally gets his main event push, do you ever see him being shoved down our throats like John Cena is now?

Hey, I just hope he gets that push! If he does, I don't see any way that they book him like Cena. He is not a "superman" type of character.

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