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By Mike Johnson on 2014-02-20 10:00:00
I see Mike goes to a lot of indy shows. What criteria does the site use to determine what shows he goes to and why is he going? Since he's a senior member of the site - why wouldn't some of the (no offense) lower members like Carapola, Epsenhart, etc. go instead? Doesn't Mike deserve some days off? Don't we deserve to hear another opinion?

We will take these one at a time. There is no criteria. I simple go to shows that I believe are worth covering and/or are newsworthy and/or are companies that our readership has interest in. I go to a lot of shows because a)I am in the Northeast where a lot of these shows are, b)I genuinely enjoy going to live shows as much as I can and c)I like to do as much as I can to give the site's readership and Elite subscribers something additional that other outlets may not cover. There are no lesser members of the site - we all have different responsibilities. It's just that I, as a full timer here, choose to take on far more than is required of me, by choice, as a way to give back to you and everyone else that supports us. It's not a case where I am ordered to go to the shows and if I can't make it, someone else is ordered to go. We all do what we can and what we wish to do. It's one of the things that make the site work, because we make sure that those working here still have fun covering the business. As far as whether you deserve to hear another opinion, that is something only you can answer, since such a thing is very subjective.

I thought you reported Hulk Hogan would be on Toy Hunter. No Hulk yet. What gives?

The episode hasn't aired yet, but it will.

So I understand that PPVs will be on the WWE Network, but what about weekly shows such as old ECW shows, also if they do provide the old weekly ECW shows would they cut Kelly Kellys Extreme Expose?

The WWE version of ECW will eventually pop up on the Network, but why would they cut the Kelly Kelly segments? If they were cleared to air on Sci Fi, they would certainly air on the Network.

What's the first thing you want to watch on the Network?

I will probably pop on Great American Bash '89, as I feel to this day that it was the best PPV of all time. Then, I'd probably start watching some Tully Blanchard and Eddie Gilbert matches.

Whatever happened to Michael Tarver?

After he was cut by WWE, he's kept going on the independent scene and actually just worked a shot for New Japan this month. He's still out there and working.

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