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By Mike Johnson on 2014-02-21 10:00:00
I remember reading this day in history on here last year and an item regarding Oprah Winfrey doing commentary on WWF matches that were being held in Chicago around 1984-85.I believe Oprah was working at a Chicago station before her talk show at the time. How come we have never seen this footage? Does the WWE own it? You would think they would have shown this a few times on their TV shows or website?

I believe that WWE probably has a copy in their archives, but I believe it was a broadcast owned by the Chicago station in question. WWE could use it, but I don't see what old footage from 30 years ago does to really help them at this point.

I can never seem to find non-WWE books at the bookstores in my city.One of the books I'm interested in is Gary Hart's book.I heard it is excellent.Is there any sites that offer non-WWE books in e-book form or is ordering one through the mail my only option?

A lot of the books published by ECW Press are available in Kindle form. The Gary Hart book was published with two limited print runs and has never been released as an Ebook. I don't foresee that is going to happen anytime soon. If you want to track it down, you may have to pay a pretty penny as it's a completely hard to come by book at this point - but in my opinion is completely worth reading.

Hey guys, love the site! As a juggalo, I love everytime you guys talk about JCW or ICP. My question today, do you have a favorite ICP/JCW moment? They themselves were better in WCW I feel, but the Oddities weren't terrible either.

I can't say I honestly have a favorite memory, although I thought that Juggalo Championship Wrestling is and has been one of those under the radar companies that more people would enjoy if they didn't get hung up on the Juggalo aspect.

Who does Aksana know that is keeping her from being fired for the injury to Naomi?

Injuries happen. Unless WWE believed she hurt Naomi maliciously, she's not going to get fired. If they fired someone anytime they accidentally hurt someone else in the ring, there are a lot of guys who would have been gone a long time ago. It's a physical activity - you are going to get hurt at some point.

Is Wade Barrett injured? When was the last time he wrestled? Any idea what the payoff will be for the "Bad News Barrett" thing?

Barrett is not injured and has been working on non-televised live events. They are simply trying to build the new character. I have no idea what the payoff is, but I hope it's something, because some of his segments have been pretty DOA so far!

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