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By Mike Johnson on 2014-02-22 10:00:00
So I'm sitting back, watching Wrestlemania 5. I'm kinda in disbelief that some of these guys aren't in the HOF yet. Especially Kaku (or King Haku) and Brutus Beefcake. Has these guys ever been discussed about being inducted or been asked?

I haven't heard of either being asked or being in consideration for the WWE Hall of Fame, but I would argue they both belong. There was a time where Beefcake was one of the top babyfaces in the company in the late 1980s while Haku had a long run as strong villain and is legitimately one of the toughest men in the history of the business.

I was was watching the Survivor Series match between the Spirit Squad and the Legends (Flair, Dusty, Slaughter, Simmons w/ Arn Anderson), which got me to thinking: what was the deal with Mitch from the Spirit Squad? He very rarely wrestled and did not wrestle in that particular match. Was he just the greenest member of the team? Was he supposed to mainly fill a manager-like role with the team much like Rico did with Billy and Chuck? Just curious.

He was used the way they decided to book him. He did what the company asked of him until they released him and then he attempted to forge a career in MMA.

What happened to Ricardo Rodriquez?

Nothing. He still works for WWE doing Spanish commentary and helping out with the company's tryout process. He just hasn't had a regular on-camera role beyond announcing since Rob Van Dam went on hiatus.

I was wondering about that one company that show down and ended their show by taking the ring down and ushering the fans out and where one of the fans broke a window. Did they go out of business? Or was it a work?

You mean CHIKARA. They didn't go out of business. It was a complete, crazy angle. You can read all about it at The fan really did break a window, because he was so upset. That was pretty dumb of him.

I'm reguards to a previous question about ECW. My favorite belt is the FTW title held by TAZ and Sabu. What happened to the belt? Does TAZ still have it and why wasn't any replica belts made to buy online like the other ECW titles?

Taz paid for the creation of that belt, so my guess is that it's still in his possession. There were never any replicas because ECW never sold the rights. I would assume that if Taz wanted to at some point, he could, as it was his title.

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