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By Dave Scherer on 2014-02-17 09:59:00

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We get NXT on Sportsnet in Canada but we're not getting the WWE network until later. What about the NXT special that is going to be on the network? Will we be able to see it in Canada and other international markets?

Since we are not based in Canada, it's not something I have looked into. My understanding is that the special is just for The Network but you should check your local listings. That is the best way to find out.

I am not saying it was right or wrong for CM Punk to walk out of the WWE like he did since I don't know him personally and don't know the real reason(s) why he did it (does anyone REALLY know?). Anyway my question is this, his contract was going to be up in July. Not like he had 2 or 3 more years on it but only had 6 months left. Couldn't he just suck it up until then and just not sign a new contract if he was not liking where he was? Why risk a lawsuit from the WWE (not saying there is going to be one) and walk out the way he did. If the WWE doesn't do anything, doesn't it also send a negative message to the other wrestlers? They could POSSIBLY go, Hey look!! Vince didn't do anything to Punk who had a valid contract, screw this. They aren't pushing me or doing anything, I have money in the bank saved, I am out of here since no one will be suing me!! What is the point of even HAVING contracts with the WWE if people like CM Punk can just walk out of it with no penalty (MAYBE the 90 day clause notwithstanding). Makes no sense to me.

He knew all his options and decided to walk out so I guess he decided that he couldn't just "suck it up". He wanted to go home. As for the status of his contract, as I understand it by walking out WWE has plenty of legal options. They can sue him under the tenet of Specific Performance. I don't know that they want to go there but if it were me, I would certainly go to court or negotiate a deal directly with Punk stating that he if ever decides he wants to wrestle again, he must first honor the five months of his contract before he could, potentially, go to another group. It would be insane to NOT do that. But if Punk is serious about being done and retiring, that would be a moot point.

I think CM Punk should do the right thing and show up on Raw in Chicago And lay a pipebomb on his retirement or his plans before the Chicago Fans hijack the entire show.

That show will be a mess for WWE if Punk is not there, for sure. In a perfect world, Punk and Vince McMahon would come to a deal where Punk appears. If he is serious about retiring, come and say goodbye to the fans.

Any chance of seeing/hearing the opinions of you guys for any pieces or episodes on the WWE Network? Has WWE ever tried to reach out to you guys for comments on anything past or present? I could see this work really well for their countdown shows.

I am sure we will talk about the Network content in-depth on our Elite audio shows. I don't think they have any desire to have the wrestling media on any of their programs.

I am considering subscribing to the WWE network. It seems like a great deal if you are a regular buyer of WWE PPVs. You break even after about 3ppv. My questions are 1) you have to subscribe for 6mo for the 9.99/month price. Is that a fixed rate or an intro rate? After your 6mo are up, do they auto renew you for another 6mo? Or do the rates change after the initial 6mo? Also, how much new content do you think WWE will be providing in addition to previous shows/events? Personally, I would like to see more behind the scenes content, maybe a talk show like Colt Cabana or Steve Austins podcasts w/video on the network. I would like to see them add a in ring wrestling show for the women. And really develop a womens division and a cruiser weight division. They could do a show that focuses on diet and exercise that wrestlers go thru and tips, etc...

When I hear people that are going to buy WrestleMania say it "seems" like a great deal, it blows my mind. IT IS A GREAT DEAL! You get all your money back the first month! It's a no-brainer to me. To answer your questions:

Yes, you will pay $9.99 for the first six months. They have not announced what the price will be after that. From what I have been told, you will have the option whether to auto-renew or not. They will be adding a lot of content as time goes by. It's smart on their part to not give everything away at the start up. They have a lot of ideas in development.

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