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By Mike Johnson on 2014-02-15 10:00:37
Willow? What the f***? Seriously, TNA gets rid of Sting, Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles and they bring us Willow? What the hell has that guy ever accomplished to earn a paycheck? This company really sucks!

Well, Willow has held the WWE World title and the TNA title...he's Jeff Hardy. You may want to turn down the bile right about now. Life is too short.

What do you think can save TNA right now? I think they should replace their announce team to give it a fresh feel.Mike Tenays voice just seems so generic.and keep Dixie Carter off TV.horrible acting.theres just something missing in that product.

I don't know that TNA needs saving. They jettisoned all the expensive contracts and it didn't hurt their rating at all, so that showed they didn't need the big money talents holding them down. They are obviously rebuilding from within and are running more live events and taping farther in advance. Dixe needs to be toned down and they are at least building to that with Lockdown. So, I think they will be OK, but we'll see.

Why did WWE only use the 40 man Royal Rumble for one year? Were they hitting the panic button after Santino almost won? I mean sure the match was a bit unorganized, but it was unpredictable and you got the sense that WWE really didn't have too much control, other than ADR being the last participant. That felt pretty predetermined in my opinion. Still a good idea though.

It was just an idea that they tried to utilize to make the Rumble a bigger attraction, but it didn't work. So, they went back to the traditional format.

Why does WWE try so hard to bury the Ruthless Aggression era? They have Cena and JBL banter on TV every now and then, but are they really just going to let all the tension subside? That was THE rivalry for Smackdown in that era, and Bradshaw was really the first person to challenge Cena the way the Authority challenges Bryan now. I mean, a DVD couldn't hurt, right?

I don't feel that they do. The JBL announcer is not the same as the JBL wrestler. It's like when Mick Foley became GM; you couldn't expect him to act like Cactus Jack, because it was a different role. I don't think WWE goes out of their way to bury that era at all. I could certainly see a DVD down the line.

Do you think there is much chance that WWE will actually sign AJ Styles? I know there have been lots of "what if's", but have you guys actually weighed in on your thoughts?

Honestly, my gut is that if WWE wanted him, he'd be signed already. My guess is that Styles will just keep working the independents and make good money or he and TNA will finally come to terms down the line.

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