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By Mike Johnson on 2014-02-14 19:48:50

We ended up with four of these in the first week, which is far more than I expected. Thanks to everyone for their support of this new feature. You can send news, notes, results, lineups, etc. by emailing me - thanks!

Adam Pearce's hand was broken in three places as it turned out. He has no idea where in his Streetfight that it was broken.

Due to Matt Jackson's broken hand, The Young Bucks won't be appearing on tomorrow's House of Glory show in Ridgewood, NY. They were slated to face AJ Styles and The Amazing Red. The promotion is opting not to bring them in due to the injury but intend to bring The Bucks back down the line.

Tonight's Wrestling on Fire event in Parsipanny, NJ has been postponed due to the weather in the Northeast. The venue, Parsipanny High School made the decision not to hold the event since school was closed today. Given how badly the NYC area has been beaten down with snow, ice and rain, it's a smart decision. No new date has been set yet.

North Carolina's Premiere Wrestling Xperience will have a live event tomorrow broadcast exclusively for subscribers. is basically an independent wrestling version of what WWE will launch next week with their Network, an online VOD and streaming service. Set for the show tomorrow is PWX champion Caleb Konley vs. Cedric Alexander, PWX Tag Team champions Worst Case Scenario & The Tommy Thomas vs. Los Ben Dejos (Team 3D Academy graduates, very good team), Mia Yim vs. Darcy Dixon, Country Jacked (Corey Hollis & Adam Page) vs. Eddie and the Edwards (Roderick Strong & Trent Baretta), Man Scout Jake Manning vs. John Skyler in an I Quit Match, Zane Riley vs. Mr. Elite Drew Myers for the PWX iTV championship, former WCW star Lodi vs. Rich Swann and Lance Lude vs Shane Strickland vs Anthony Henry.

The 4/27 Lucha Libre show being promoted by Masked Republic at the former ECW Arena in Philadelphia has been titled "Masked Mania." One of the reasons they are running the show is to film HD footage of talents they are working with on different projects so when they need in-ring material, they aren't depending on Lucha groups in Mexico to get them footage. Kevin Klinerock and Pro Wrestling Revolution promoter Gabriel Ramirez will be the point people on the show while Extreme Rising is partnering with them.

Axl Rotten posted a video on Youtube challenging CZW founder John Zandig (who's been retired the last few years) to a shoot fight. The back story here is that a few years back during a Q&A at the ECW Arena before it was shut down and renovated, Rotten took issue with there being a banner for Zandig in the venue's Hardcore Hall of Fame. When Zandig filmed a shoot interview for, he mentioned the comments and ripped Rotten. Rotten, who has been very active on Twitter and social media trying to get bookings, posted his challenge online. You can watch it by clicking here. My guess is nothing ever comes of this.

The New York Wrestling Connection will have their biggest event of the year, the Psycho Circus tomorrow in Deer Park, Long Island at the NYWC Sportatorium. The promotion usually turns people away at the door, so if you want to go, get there early. This year's Circus, which is an insane over the top match featuring a steel cage, barbed wire and weapons, will also be the vacant NYWC championship with Mikey Whipwreck and Matt Justice leading teams into the bout. The promotion will also hold their 2014 Master of the Mat 30 minute Iron Man bout with Drew Gulak vs. Papadon vs. John Silver vs. Alex Reynolds where the winner of the most falls in the time period is the winner, Alvin Alvarez vs. Grimm Reefer with the storyline that Alvarez is trying to make his name by beating Reefer, who has been working the area for years, Rack & Sack (Dickie Rodz & Nikki Starr - she has the rack, and he has the, well, you get it) vs. Bill Carr & Apollyon to determine the top contenders to the NYWC Tag championship, the annual Joker's Wild Battle Royal and the return of Tony Nese, who had been run out of the promotion for 60 days after losing to Big O. For tickets, visit

Added to the 3/8 CZW return to Voorhees, NJ is The Beaver Boys vs. The Front for the CZW Tag Team championship.

Tommy Dreamer worked on 2/7 for Strong Style Wrestling in Indiana, pinning Jack Thriller. Marshe Rockett won a Four Way on the undercard, beating Jynx, Bolt Brady & Ryan Epic. Melanie Cruise pinned Jordynne Grace on the show as well.

CWF Mid-Atlantic in Gibsonville, NC held their first ever Ultra J Showcase with a ton of high flying bouts on 2/8. The top match of the show saw Ultra J champion Andrew Everett defeat Trevor Lee (20, very good and going to get better as he gains experience) in a 65 minute Best of Three Falls bout. Adam Page and Chris Escobar also worked the show, which is available via VOD at The promotion will be running a two day tag team tournament on 2/28 and 3/1 with teams from Beyond Wrestling, Georgia, Florida, New Jersey and more coming in.

PWS' Pat Buck and WWE's Curt Hawkins are opening a school in Hicksville, Long Island.  Buck is a really good worker who was in OVW for a long time and for some reason, never got signed but was always put in a position to make the signed guys look better.  How he never got a deal is beyond me.

Ohio was super busy over the weekend. Shark Boy worked for Remix Pro Wrestling in Marietta, Ohio on 2/8, teaming with Bulldozer in a loss to the Headless Horsemen. Ron Mathis, Facade and Chance Prophet were also on the show. There was also a pretty unique tag team working 2/8 in Columbus, Ohio for Steel Domain Wrestling - Bobby Fulton and The Honkytonk Man! They tagged in Columbus, Ohio, defeating Toody Mulins & Jerry Andrews. Miss Natural, who was originally trained by Ken Patera and later Harley Race, worked the undercard.

There were actually two shows in the same market - Marion, Ohio on 2/8. Rob Conway worked for NWA Sports Entertainment Weekly, teaming with Joe Bruizer to beat Renzo Lavell & AJ Snow. Meanwhile, Larry Zbyszko and Nikolai Volkoff both worked in the same market for Classic Championship Wrestling at the Hogg Recreation Center. Zbyszko defeated Lockdown in a bout billed as a "First Takedown Match" where the winner "won" $500. Nikolai Vokoff worked the main event, defeating The Russian Brute. I guess he is still fighting the war against Mother Russia. Bobo Brazil Jr. defeated Jack Hansen while Justin Toxicated (great name) defeated Demon Kahn in an anything goes match. In my favorite indy names of the weekend, Uncle Hogg defeated Mr. 90210.

Set for SHINE 17 in Ybor City, Florida at the Orpheum is a one night tournament to crown the first Tag Team champions, featuring Made in Sin of Alliysin Kay & Taylor Made with April Hunter, The S-N-S Express of Sassy Stephie & Jessie Belle Smothers with Nevaeh, The West Coast Connection of Tracy Taylor & Su Yung, Lucha Sisters of Leva & Mia Yim, Malia Hosaka & Brandi Wine, Representing Daff's A.S.S. - The Buddy System of Heidi Lovelace & Solo Darling with Daffney, Kimber Bomb of Kimber Lee & Cherry Bomb and MsEERIE of MsChif & Christina Von Eerie,

I noted a few days ago that Jerry Jarrett was spotted at a show in TN. He was at the 2/8 Lewisburg-All-Star Wrestling at The House of Pain, which was headlined by The Rock & Roll Express and Bill Dundee defeating Super Sharp (Mikey Dunn & Lawrence) and Sexy C in the main event. Others on the show included Cody Morton and The Untouchables, Jeremiah Plunkett & Drew Haskins.

There were a lot of names on the 2/9 XICW event in Warren, Michigan at The Ritz. In the main event, The DBA & Sabu defeated Jimmy Jacobs & Necro Butcher, who got the reprise 2/3rds of the Age of the Fall. On the undercard, Rhino & Willie Watts defeated Deathwish, former TNA Gutcheck winner Taeler Hendrix defeated Willie Watts (he did double duty) and Zach Gowen lost to Movado.

I Believe in Wrestling ran Orlando, FL on 2/9, headlined by a six man tag with Lince Dorado & Los Ben Dejos defeated Aaron Epic & Josh Hess & Aaron Orlando. Larry Zbyszko's son, Tim, is working here on a regular basis. On this show, he lost to Chico Adam. Chasyn Rance defeated former TNA star Jesse Neal. Neal is now pretty much working Florida exclusively as he and wife Brittany Savage are expecting their first child. Savage wrote on her Twitter that she's retired from the business. She worked a lot for NYWC and WSU before popping up on Lucha Libre USA as RJ Brewer's girlfriend when that promotion was on MTV2. Alex "The Pug" Pourteau pinned Sweet Thang Willie and DGUSA's Rich Swann pinned Wayne VanDyke on the undercard.

GALLI Lucha Libre ran Villa Park, IL on 2/9 with the following results at the GALLI Arena: Mike Anthony defeated Pentagono by DQ…Acid Jazz defeated Barry Ryte & Marcus Conrad in the Handicap Match…2 Hot 4 You (D’Angelo Steele, Chico Suave & Valentino) defeated Golden Dragon, Furia Roja & Atomico…STL Crew (Ricky Cruz, Davve Vaughn & Jake Parnell) defeated Kuni Silencio, Mike Mattews & Noriega…La Maldicion (Ovirload & Mojo McQueen) vs. The Smart Marx (GPA & Joey Marx) fought to a Double Countout…La Corporacion (El Funebre, Dimencia, Vemon & Destructor Alfa) defeated El Revelion Chicana (El Traidor, Dark Scorpion & Destructor Sr.) and Destructor Jr…Discovery defeated Bryce Benjamin in a No DQ bout to win the GALLI title.

Ultra Championship Wrestling is running regularly in Salt Lake City. Results from their most recent event at the UCW-Zero Arena saw Derrick Jannetty pinning Kid Kade, The 801 District (Los Mochi Paco & Junior X) defeated Braden Austin & the Durango Kid, Morgan defeated Sierra Rose in a Rope Match, Dallas Murdock pinned Craig Stevens, Lacey Ryan pinned Hudson Envy, Martin Casaus (WWE Tough Enough alum) pinned Zack James and Jason Jaxson pinned Bronson. I don't know what a Rope Match is, but I'm hoping someone will reach out to explain it to me.


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