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By Mike Johnson on 2014-02-14 10:00:21
Do you think we will ever see Vince Russo in the WWE Hall of Fame?

It's possible, but I don't see WWE inducting him for what he did on camera in WCW and TNA - and to date, the company has never inducted many behind the scenes personalities. There are a lot of others who would probably go in before Russo would - Vince and Linda McMahon, Dick Ebersol, etc.

I notice that WWE have announced the locations for SummerSlam and Battleground, but not for Money in the Bank, which comes before both SS & BG. Coupled with the fact there's only one title now, so one briefcase, does this suggest they are scrapping the themed PPV and instead going to back to having the MITB match at WrestleMania?

No. Internally, they still have the show on their calendar.

With all the talk about the Wrestlemania 1 main event being inducted into the hall of fame and Hogan, piper, and Paul Orndorf getting another ring, my question is what about Cowboy Bob Orton? Why wouldn't he get another ring? I know he didn't wrestle but he was at ringside. What about Mr T? He was one of the reasons the event was successful!

If they were going to induct the match, obviously they would induct Mr. T. I know there has been communication between the two sides of late. As far as Orton, he was at ringside but wasn't officially "in" the match. It's possible they can include he and Jimmy Snuka as well (and even Pat Patterson, who refereed), but I haven't heard their names bandied about.

What are the chances of Madusa being inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame someday?

There's always a chance. WWE has obviously tried to bring everyone who's had issues with the company back into the fold in recent years.

I saw Bill Dundee is still wrestling. How old is he now?

Bill Dundee is a spry 70 years old and still kicking ass.

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