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By Mike Johnson on 2014-02-13 10:00:00
I know a lot of people have been asking about Over the Edge when Owen Hart died, but has anyone inquired about the "Rated R" PPVs? Armageddon, 1999, I believe that's the one where Miss Kitty, The Kat, showed off her puppies. Supposedly the Kat did it on her own free will, yet that PPV had a TV-MA with an N included. I also think there was a European PPV when Jacqueline was wrestling Sable, and Jacqueline's top came completely off. At the time i remember reading that European fans could care less since nudity wasn't as big a deal there. We've reported on the tragic, now how bout the perverted? Raunchy minds want to know if it will be censored! Thanks for always a great job with the site!

My gut is that the material will be censored. WWE never wanted The Kat to take off her top and even the immediate replay was censored.

I know Jack Tunney was the on air President of the World Wrestling Federation, but prior to him being "President", what was his connection to the pro wrestling world/the world of entertainment?

Tunney's family were the promoters in the Toronto area. When he sold the territory to Vince McMahon, he took on the figurehead position.

Do you give the pay per views and weekly shows of TNA and WWE the same type of criticism or do you base each one differently according to the size of the company, production costs and stars available? Seems like when TNA does something slightly good, you are so quick to pump them up and when WWE does something poorly you slam them so hard repeatedly. Just wondering if this is because WWE is a mega show and TNA is lesser and you see them differently therefore grade them different?

There are many different writers on this site, so it all depends on the writer, but I believe we are all pretty fair across the board. We will all have our likes and dislikes but we all know what good wrestling is. I personally try to be fair to every promotion and wrestler and try to look at what the promotion should be trying to achieve with their shows as much as how each individual segment does - but again, it's all objective. If someone is giving their opinion, that's what it is - their opinion. If you don't think TNA gets slammed as hard as WWE, well, you haven't been paying attention.

A main reason why the USA Network is the number 1 cable network is because of the WWE. If the WWE were to not come to terms with NBC and either take their programming elsewhere or just put it on the WWE Network, do you think Bonnie Hammer from USA will try to seek other wrestling companies, like TNA or ROH, to compensate and build around? I have heard many times that she has a lot of power and she can probably bring a wrestling promotion to prominence just as much as they can help make up for the loss of that young demo on her network.

I don't believe so, but it's possible. When WWE went to TNN, The USA Network strongly considered adding ECW, but at the end of the day, Barry Diller, who was in charge at the time, decided that if they couldn't have the top wrestling product, there was no need to have anything else. I think that would probably still stand true today.

Do you think the video that recently surfaced of last night announce team mocking the crowd for chanting Punk makes WWE look bad? The comments were obviously made out of character and mocked the WWE audience who obviously care about the absence of Punk in the WWE product and the fact that WWE has not openly address the situation. To me it makes WWE come off as classless for mocking the people who support their product.

Well, the video wasn't meant to get out to the masses, but it certainly shows that there are some who feel the fans are dumb for chanting for someone who walked out on the company. There are some people who feel like Punk screwed the fans and the company, so I can understand if they are venting steam about it. However, it's never smart to mock an audience for something they personally believe in - and I don't think that if the announcers thought the clip would end up online that they would have said what they said. The reality is Vince McMahon wants Punk to return at some point and what he says is what goes.

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