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By Dave Scherer on 2014-02-12 09:59:00

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With Seth Rollins playing the peace keeper between Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns the last few weeks, do you see a possible angle where he would leave the Shield because of infighting and join a more cohesive unit in the Wyatt Family?

Not really, no. That wouldn't make sense to me since he is part of a group where everyone is equal. It doesn't make sense that he would want to join a group and be a follower.

I just saw the PPV list that will be on the new WWE Network and I was overwhelmed by how much PPV content there will be. I was very excited to see the entire ECW PPV library there too. My questions: Besides the entrance music, do you see WWE editing or blurring anything major out of the ECW PPVs? (ie. The Dudley's language, female attire, excessive blood, New Jack's crazy dives, etc.) To see all the ECW PPV's again would be so much fun, but if they are edited for a younger audience, then it would be disappointing.

I hope not but I would not be surprised to see some of the more Extreme elements get edited out. If so, I think it would be a mistake since I know a lot of people that are buying the Network for the old stuff and if WWE doesn't give them what they expect, they will probably lose them after six months. Things like dives I think will be fine. Language very well could be bleeped and WWE is anti-blood so I could definitely see that being digitized.

What happened to the recently promising revitalized tag team scene in WWE? PTP are split, Rhodes and Goldust are rumored to, Cesaro and Swagger look like they might be next, as well as the Shield. Matadores are rarely seen on Raw. And then we have a 45 and 50 year old as tag team champs. Is this really good for business? Or helping the tag team scene? Sorry, I know it's a few questions but I tried to tie them all together.

WrestleMania is coming so WWE is thinking singles matches. I agree, the tag division has taken a hit in recent weeks but to be honest, I am surprised it got pushed as long as it did. It's just not a priority for Vince McMahon.

Followup to the Shawn Michaels/Hell In a Cell 2013 question from Feb 5th's Q&A, because I don't think you really cut to the heart of the issue: are we supposed to understand from Shawn's actions that he's on the side of the Authority or not? If he isn't, why did he do it? If he is, why is he hyping Bryan again and why isn't his attack on Bryan ever mentioned by the commentary team or anyone else when Bryan's issues with the Authority are discussed? Do Creative even know who's on which side any more or have they completely lost track? In any other storytelling medium this would be laughable.

Oh, I understood the question. What I think you missed is that WWE doesn't care to explain things in great detail. They don't feel the need. On the Royal Rumble pre-show Shawn said he superkicked Bryan and he only kicks people he likes. To WWE that is explanation enough. And to be fair, it's no one's fault other than Vince McMahon's that this happens.

Have you heard of any rumblings that WWE would want to buy rights to distribute non-wwe produced documentaries like GLOW or Wrestling with Shadows?

Nope I have not.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.

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