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By Dave Scherer on 2014-02-11 09:59:00

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In looking at the list of PPV’s that will be available on the WWE Network I didn’t see When Worlds Collide or the New Japan/WCW PPV’s listed. I know WCW produced them but are they not part of the WCW library? I was especially looking forward to seeing When Worlds Collide again because it was the best PPV top to bottom I have ever seen.

If WWE isn't airing them it's because they don't own the rights. That could be the issue. Technically, they weren't WCW PPVs. They were co-branded. If they do own the rights, they will probably add them later.

Do you think WWE giving ROH the rub could actually turn into anything more than just an internet piece? Perhaps along the lines of how WWF helped ECW by putting them on Raw a few times in the 90's to help them onto TV and PPV? Or do you just think WWE is trying to get the jaded wrestling fans who have turned away from WWE to ROH and the indy's to get their eyes back on their product once they release the Network?

Nope, I don't see it happening and have heard it won't. WWE helped ECW because at the time, WWE was losing to WCW and wanted to create a buzz. That isn't the case now.

What ever happened with the ROH PPV deal a long time ago? I remember buying an ROH PPV on DirecTv or possibly Cox, that I believe had Takeshi Morishima on it. I think it was around the time of WWE's 1st ECW One Night Stand. Do you think ROH will venture into that market again, and possibly with a little publicity from WWE?

ROH found that their PPVs didn't sell very well so it made no sense to air them. At this point, if they are going to go back into the medium it will be via IPPV, which is much cheaper to product and more lucrative to the company.

Will Jesse Ventura be edited out of many events he did commentary for? I don't remember why, but I remember not hearing his commentary when re watching events that I know he originally was there for?

Unless he and WWE come to a deal to use his likeness, he will not be on the shows. He sued them years ago, making the case that he didn't give them the right to sell his commentating on DVDs, etc. He won and it caused WWE to change the way they write their contracts with talent. But he did come back to the company and the word is that an agreement has been made to use him on the Network.

Recently, I saw your list of all of the PPV events that were going to be available, but what about Clashes, Main Events, and WWE Documentaries? Speaking of Documentaries, will the network also show WWE Studio Films as well?

At some point, they will all air on the Network. WWE is, smartly, holding back titles to give people more reason to continue subscribing down the road. It's good strategy. I could see them putting the movies that they own the rights to on the Network as well at some point but I haven't heard that one for sure.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.

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