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By Dave Scherer on 2014-02-10 09:59:00

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Since Arn Anderson was inducted as part of the Horsemen, do you think that he will ever get Hall of Fame honors as an individual? The group was a part of his legacy but not all of it. In my opinion he has contributed more to professional wrestling than he is given credit for. One of the few times that I have shed a tear while watching wrestling was when he retired. He didn't need a parrot on his shoulder or a flashy entrance to stand out - his words and his work made the lasting impression.

I think he would be a great choices as the third or fourth guy from the top of the class. The only reason I put him down that far is that he was never a singles draw.

How do you rank Tony Schiavone as an announcer/play-by-play man? He gets a lot of negative feedback online, and did so back in the late 90's, but his earlier work was stellar in my opinion. From my understanding he was one of the hardest working employees of World Championship Wrestling behind the scenes. I can understand the frustration that he felt as the product went down hill and politics dominated the landscape while he continued to keep on trucking. Putting your personal issues aside Dave, (using your laptop without permission with greasy fingers) how do you rank his work as a whole?

I think you said it best, at times he was very good and at times he was terrible. To me, I can't rank him above average because he did become so bad late in his career. A lot of other guys have had to deal with more issues than him but the bottom line is that when they get behind the mic, they did their best. Tony can't say that.

So what has happened to Mark Henry? A while back we see a bald, few pounds lighter Mark Henry and goes up Brock Lesnar, has his "arm broken" and hasn't been seen since. Didn't he go to the performance center to get in better shape but only to disappear again?

He was out selling the injury, that's all. He worked the house shows this past weekend and is scheduled to return to Raw tonight.

With a lot of talk about Smackdown going live in the near future and talent speaking of the tough schedule, why doesn't WWE just go live on Friday nights with Smackdown? And take away Tuesday from the weekly work schedule? This way they just work Friday through Monday, with Monday being the culmination of the week. Then the talent can have an extra day off each week to rest at home and it's not such a rush to get back on the road.

You are forgetting about the production team. They would have to go to Friday's show and on weeks without a PPV, sit in a city until Monday, with all the equipment. It makes much more sense to do Monday-Tuesday (and Sunday on PPV weeks). Besides, WWE doesn't want to be on Fridays, it's one of the worst nights of the week for TV viewing.

How long does it take WWE to digitize a piece of video for the network? I mean can the do 1 raw a day or many?

They actually digitize them when they record them. It's how you see PPV replays immediately. If they want to pull the commercials, it's not a hard process at all. What is hard is when they have to pull specific matches and make a compilation, but doing a whole TV show is easy.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.

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