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By Dave Scherer on 2014-02-09 09:59:00

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Is CM Punk still getting paid?

No one has commented on the issue so I can't tell you for sure but WWE can cut off his pay whenever they choose since he has chosen to not report to work. I think if they haven't done that yet, it will happen when Vince McMahon decides there is no chance Punk is coming back.

How would you feel about TNA throwing Eric Young a short World Title reign as a thanks for his hard work and loyalty? I think it would be a fantastic feel good moment for the crowd and despite his comedy persona he's more than a credible enough wrester to make it believable.

I like EY and think he does a good job but to me, your World Title is not a prop (sorry Vince Russo). I don't like giving it to guys that haven't earned it in the ring and storyline wise. I think it hurts a very valuable asset.

Would Sting signing with the WWE be that much of a big deal? A lot (if not most) of the current WWE fans are young and probably weren't around or don't remember much of Stings early career, so would him coming really mean that much?

I have made the same statement so I understand what you are saying. His WCW days are long gone (13 years) and with WWE marketing to a younger audience, to many of them he doesn't mean a thing. That doesn't mean they should not sign him, but I just say look at Batista's return. He was their guy and was only gone four years, and his return has been underwhelming thus far. Sting was never their guy.

Do you buy when they say creative has nothing for a superstar? They always seem to find something for Cena, for example, even when he is not in the title picture, though it might not always be good. Do you think they genuinely can't come up with something at times, or do they just see it more important to keep certain stars on TV than others and devote more time to them.

In some cases, yes. Certain guys are a black hole of charisma and marginal workers. But most of the time, I think it's a cop out. I think they book a guy to not matter and then when he doesn't matter, they say see, you don't matter. They create a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I know this has a 0% chance of happening (at least this year), but what do you think of a scenario where Daniel Bryan wins the Elimination Chamber, then CM Punk returns to challenge him for the title at Wrestlemania? It would put the 2 hottest stars in the WM main event and, given the talent of those two, has the potential to be one of the greatest matches of all time.

I hate it actually. Bryan has waited this long to win the Title and has been screwed so much, to me it makes sense only for him to win at Mania, and it has to be against someone pushed by The Authority. To me, the scenario that makes the most sense is that HHH makes sure that Bryan gets screwed at Mania and Orton retains. Then Vince McMahon comes power walking down to ringside, or the next night on Raw, and says that H and Steph aren't doing what is best for business. He didn't see anything in Bryan either, but the people do. So he is going to do what's best for business and book Bryan in the Mania main event. And honestly, Punk quit and went home. I understand why he did it, but WWE can't reward him by giving him the Mania main event.

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